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60:1  O you. whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues: do not make a friendly intimacy with My enemy and yours who are disposed to strive against Allah and His cause and against the Messenger and his Faith. You regard them with tenderness when they have denied Allah and denied the truth you have received. They drove the Messenger along with you out of their midst, and ousted you of your privileges, for no reason other than the war of disbelief against belief in Allah, your Creator. If indeed you have gone to war to strive in My cause and to serve and satisfy My purpose, then how could you make a friendly intimacy with My enemies and regard them with tenderness! I know well what your breasts store of thoughts and feelings and what your breasts forge, I know what you converse secretly and utter below your breath, and what you suggest secretly to the mind. I also know what you avow openly and openly disclose, and what you utter loudly, and all that is being said. Therefore, he, who amongst you attempts to do this, will have wronged himself and wandered from the path of righteousness.". .. Seen the hungry ocean gain advantage on the kingdom of the shore". Shakespear
60:2  Had they been in a position to get the better of you, they would not have hesitated to gain advantage on you and declare their enmity by the valour of their hands and by scorning at you and by casting all the contempts they could cast. They would call you everything they can lay their tongues to, and they wish you would desert Faith in favour of disbelief
60:3  Neither your uterine relatives, or those related by consanguinity, nor your progeny, can profit you or afford you help in Day of Judgement if Allah has meant that ill shall befall you. Allah judges between you and them, and Allah is well acquainted with all that you do
60:4  But you people have had in Ibrahim and his followers a good example and a distinguished quality of action and conduct that induces imitation. They said to their people: "we are certainly innocent of your ills and of your false gods you worship besides Allah". "We refuse to recognize you or submit to you, and enmity and hatred between us shall forever prevail until you have abandoned idolatry and submitted to the authority of Allah and until you have sincerely believed in Him alone with works imprinted with wisdom and piety". Therefore do not confuse the issue and fail to distinguish between invoking Allah's forgiveness on behalf of your dead, and the supplication made by Ibrahim on behalf of his father. Ibrahim had promised his father, earlier, he would invoke on his behalf Allah's forgiveness albeit he could not guarantee the outcome. But when he realized that his father remained a faithful adherent to Paganism, he at once rejected him and declared his innocence of his fatherhood. And when Ibrahim and his followers resolved to quit their people and their homeland they prayed: "Our Creator, in You we trust, and we repent the disagreeable time we spent with our people, and we repent what we might have done or left undone, and You are the end and the purpose for which we are destined. "
60:5  "Our Creator: do not afflict us with suffering from your heaven's realm, nor at the hands of our wicked people lest they should think we were in the wrong and they in the right, and forgive us our iniquities our Creator, You are AL- Aziz (the Almighty) and AL-Hakim (the Wise)
60:6  Indeed you people had in them -Ibrahim and his followers- the good example and the distinguished quality of action and conduct that induce imitation by those whose object of effort and ambition and their end and purpose are Allah and the Day of Judgement. And those who turn a deaf ear must realize that Allah is AL-Ghaniy (Independent, Absolute) and AL-Hamid (Worthy of all praise)
60:7  Perhaps Allah may take the matters of fact and circumstance them after His own manner and convert ill-will, between you and those with whom you were at enmity, into affection, He is Qadirun (Omnipotent), and Allah is Ghafurun (Forgiving), and Rahimun (Merciful)
60:8  Allah did not interdict your considerateness in intercourse with those who did not wage war against your religion nor did they drive you out and oust you of your homes. To the contrary, He expects you to be courteous to them and to treat them with tenderness and equity and to help the needy among them and those who are weak; Allah likes those who are courteous and crowned with equity
60:9  But He prohibits you from making a friendly intimacy with those who waged war against your religion and drove you out and ousted you of your homes, and supported others in effecting your ejection. and he who makes with them a friendly intimacy then. such persons are wrong-doers
60:10  O you whose hearts reflect he image of religious and spiritual virtues: If women come to you emigrating or seeking refuge owing to religious persecution or political troubles, test their beliefs; Allah knows well if the image of Faith has been imprinted upon their hearts. if you are satisfied that they believe in Allah with bosoms filled with reverential awe, do not send them back to the Pagans. They -the women are no longer legitimate to them nor are they -the Pagan men- any longer legitimate to them. But you must pay their -Pagan- husbands the equivalent of what they had spent on them in the way of dowry. You are absolved to marry these women if you pay them their dower and do not marry the Pagan women nor remain with them if you have conformed to Islam and they have not, but you may ask for what you spent and so can Pagan men ask for what they spent. This is the ordinance of Allah; He judges between you, and He is Alimun (Omniscient), and Hakimun (Wise)
60:11  And if a believer's wife deserts him and goes back the Pagans who will not compensate him for what he spent, then when circumstances occasion the reverse, you may pay them an equivalent penalty, and the Muslim husband is to be compensated from the spoils of war; and entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah Who has impressed upon your hearts the image of piety
60:12  O you the Prophet: If emigrating women who conformed to Islam come to you and pledge before Allah their vows to you that: they will not incorporate with Allah other deities, they will not steal, nor will they commit adultry nor infanticide, they will not speak or utter slanders nor relate falsehood, they will not conceive an illegitimate child and make the husband believe it is his, nor will they disobey you in matters crowned with equity; then you accept their pledge and invoke on their behalf Allah's forgiveness, for He is indeed Ghafurun and Rahimun
60:13  O you whose hearts - reflect - the image of religious and spiritual virtues: do not make friendly intimacy with people who have come within the measure of Allah's wrath. They have given up hope of sharing the beatitude of the Hereafter, just as they have lost hope of their dead returning back from their graves, and just as their dead had already despaired of forgiveness