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61:1  "Praise be to Allah and extolled are His glorious attributes " is an act of, worship ascribed by all beings that are in the heavens and all beings spiritual, animate and inanimate that are on earth and He is AL-Aziz (the Almighty), and AL-Hakim (the Wise)
61:2  O you Whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues: why do you say and state in words, or resolve to act, or promise to do, what you do not do or duly perform
61:3  It is utterly distasteful to Allah and objectionable to Him indeed that your actions with your words do not accord
61:4  Allah likes those who fight in His cause to be wedged together like bricks in the closest and most defensible array
61:5  For once, Mussa said to his people: " My people: Why do you scorn me and hold me in disdain and cast at me all the contempts you could cast instead of regarding me with reverence when you know I am the Messenger of Allah who has been sent to you with a message? But when they deviated and disinclined their ears from any reverence and attention to him and counseled deaf, Allah deafened their hearts' ears Allah does not impress piety on the hearts of those who are wicked
61:6  And for once, said Isa, son of Maryam : "O Bani Isreal (Children of Isreal);" "I am the Messenger of Allah who has been sent to you to corroborate your faith in AL-Tawrah which is set before me and to confirm what it foretold of whose turn he is to come. And here I come to comfort your hearts and announce to you the joyful tidings of whose turn he is next to come, a Messenger named Ahmad". But when he -Ahmad- came confirming what Isa foretold and presented them and the Pagans with clear Divine evidence serving as a ground for belief, they said: "This is only sorcery assumed by him -by Muhammad -"
61:7  And who is more wicked than him who relates falsehood to Allah and incorporates with Him false gods and attributes to Him every falsity that could be devised at a time when he is graciously induced to believe in Allah the One, and Only. But Allah does not impress piety upon the hearts off the perverse who are wrongful of actions
61:8  They wish they could, with all the feeling in their minds directed toward falsifying the truth, quench the very light of Allah by word of mouth, (that is by propagating false rumours and uttering error against Him). But Allah shall continue to send His illumination -the Quran- which proceeds from Him until the souls have been lit by the divine truth and enlightenment has prevailed albeit this is hateful to those who refuse to acknowledge the truth
61:9  It is Allah Who sent His Messenger with the spirit of truth to guide people into all truth and with the Quran featuring the true religion; a Book, the criterion and the canon wherein Providence is the guide. It aligns the course of action, of thought and of life of all concerned -Muslims- and non-Muslims whose religious practices are contingent upon man-made related aspects of the one religion whose unclouded and authoritative front is Islam; albeit this is hateful to those who incorporate with Allah other deities
61:10  O you who believe with hearts reflecting the image of religious and spiritual virtues: Shall I tell you of a trade to resort to besides your trade which you practice as a means of livelihood, a trade that will help you escape a condign punishment
61:11  It is such that you believe in Allah with hearts impressed with the image ol religious and spiritual virtues and with deeds imprinted with wisdom and piety, and that you recognize His Messenger, and that you strive in His cause with your money and your lives. This is far better for you if only you know
61:12  He forgives you your iniquities and admits you to gardens of surpassing beauty beneath which rivers flow and welcomes you into stately homes in the beatitude of heaven- the Gardens of Eden. This is indeed a glorious triumph
61:13  In addition, He gives you something else you regard with delight and you view with pleasure, that is, He affords you help and a victory that is quite near. Therefore, announce O Muhammad blissful tidings to those whose hearts have been touched with the Divine hand and their deeds with wisdom and piety
61:14  O you whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues: Devote yourselves to the pursuit of helping Allah's cause and His purpose until the end crowns the deed. This is consonant with what Isa had asked of his Disciples. He said to them: " Who will be my votaries in the pursuit of the cause of Allah and His purpose?" The Disciples said: " We are the votaries of Allah, addicted to striving in His cause and helping His purpose." There, did belief strike to the hearts of part of Bani Isreal and the other part counseled deaf and debased Isa and his mother. And so We upheld those who recognized him and recognized the Singleness, the Uniqueness, Sameness and of the One and only Ilah; We gave them command, dominion and authority over the others and they emerged into distinguished and distinct notice