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62:1  " Praise be to Allah and extolled are His glorious attributes " is an act of worship avowed by all beings that are in the heavens and all beings, spiritual, animate and inanimate that are on earth; He is the Absolute AL-Malik (Sovereign) of the heavens and the earth, He is AL-Quddus (Goodness personified), AL-Aziz (the Almighty) and AL-Hakim (the Wise)
62:2  Allah is He Who has sent to the unlettered Arab community a Messenger from their midst to relate and to recite to them His revelations and impart sanctity to their quality and their actions. Also, to teach them the Quran and impart to them the knowledge of its Authoritative text, to teach them the wisdom of judging rightly in matters relating to life and conduct and to be in full accordance with fact, reason and good sense. He would also teach them sound judgment in the choice of means and ends; notwithstanding that they were before, ignorant adherents of evidently false beliefs
62:3  There are others elsewhere who have yet to join them and share with them heaven's mercy and grace. and Allah is Azizun and Hakimun
62:4  This is the bounty of Providence, He munificently and gracefully confers it on whom He will, and He is the source of abounding munificence and efficacious grace
62:5  The simile of those who were given AL-Tawrah to carry in their hearts and in their thoughts and it did not reach their innermost being, nor did they absorb it In their minds or profit by it, speaks of a donkey carrying a load of books full of knowledge and learning but the donkey does not understand it nor does it Profit by it. Evil is the simile of a people who have refused to admit the truth of Allah's revelations and signs, and Allah does not impress piety on the hearts of the perverse who are wrongful of actions
62:6  Say to them O Muhammad: "O you who lay claim to Judaism: if you Presume that you are the chosen people of Allah to the exclusion of all others, then appeal to Allah for the encounter with death if you are truthful."
62:7  But never will they make a supplication for the fulfillment of this desire Owing to what had rested of wrong-doing earlier upon their unclean hands, And Allah is well acquainted with those who are given to wickedness
62:8  Say to them: "The death you try to flee from shall confront you and triumph over you, then you shall be conveyed back to Him Who knows the secret feelings and thoughts, the hidden from sight, the invisible and the unseen and all that is concealed. He also knows the openly avowed, the openly disclosed and all that is revealed, then shall He inform you of all that you had done"
62:9  O you whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues: when the call to the Friday prayer is proclaimed, apply yourselves to the service of Allah and present yourselves at the assembly in the mosque or place of worship and abstain from trading. This is much the better for you if only you knew
62:10  When the prayer is concluded then disperse and spread about and make it your aim to seek the bounty of Providence, and keep Allah in mind whether you buy or sell, give or take and as often as you possibly can; heaven may prosper you
62:11  And when they see merchandise purposed for trade or they See amusement- the happiness of those that cannot think - they disperse and spread about and leave you standing addressing to them the divine discourse. Say to them: "What Allah has of rewards and happiness in His heaven's realm is far better than the satisfaction and happiness you derive from trade and amusement in life. And Allah is the best Purveyor to fit every person with what is necessary and with what he needs"