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63:1  O you the Messenger: when the hypocrites come to you they say: " we attest that you are the Messenger of Allah" and Allah knows well that you are His Messenger, but deep down in their hearts they are insincere. Allah asserts that the hypocrites are untruthful, deceitful and their aim untrue
63:2  They use their oaths to hide, under the garb of truth, their extreme vanity Many among the believers were deceived, and the hypocrite's policy achieved its necessary ends. In consequence they have blocked the path of Allah, the path of righteousness, and persistently opposed the progress in purpose and in action. Evil indeed is the way they have conducted themselves in life
63:3  They adopted the faith and then they dropped it -Simpletons- their hearts' ears are closed and their breasts are filled with irreverence imposed upon their hearts by the evil hand
63:4  If you see them you admire their physical or material frames, their looks speak affection and their discourse speaks their presence, and when they speak they speak all cream, skimmed, and they speak sense that you cannot help but open to them your heart's ears, while in effect their words are flattering and hollow, devoid of belief, just as hollow stems of trees are devoid of life. Prompted by sense of quiet and by anxiety for their safety, they are vulnerable and susceptible to a physical force, they are susceptible to a loud cry be it uttered in approbation or denunciation. They are the avowed enemy; beware of them; Allah condemns them in as much as they are worth. How could they deviate from the path of righteousness to the path of vanity
63:5  When they -the hypocrites- are told to come back to the Messenger to invoke, on their behalf Allah's mercy and forgiveness, they turn their heads in contempt and you see them objecting with inordinate self- esteem
63:6  The conclusion of all this is one and the same viz: whether you invoke on their behalf Allah's forgiveness or you do not, Allah shall not forgive them. He does not impress piety on the hearts of the wicked
63:7  It was they who said to the people: "Wherefore do you spend money on those accompanied by Allah's Messenger -who emigrated with him to Madina- and spend yourselves in their cause?" "Put a stop," they said, "and refrain from spending on them until they have forsaken him and quitted Madina". But to Allah, be it known, belongs the rightful possession of treasuries of the heavens and the earth; but the hypocrites do nod comprehend this as a fact
63:8  They say: "If we should return to Madina, the one with nobility in his nature and nobility is native to him, shall displace and oust the base who is nobody"
63:9  O you whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues: Let not your wealth nor your progeny distract your minds and attention from remembering Allah and keeping Him in mind. He who is allured by his wealth or his progeny to neglect his duty and obligations to Allah shall he and such persons incur the privation of hope and suffer loss
63:10  And spend in benefaction and in benevolence of what We have given you, before the encounter with death occasions anyone of you and then he says "My Creator, if only you would delay my death for a while, I will seize my opportunity to be liberal in my benefactions and engage in deeds imprinted with wisdom and piety
63:11  But Allah shall not delay the death of a soul when its time is fulfilled; and Allah is well acquainted with what the bosoms store of thoughts and feelings and with all that you do