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50:1  Qaf - Allah is Almighty. The glorious Qur'an bears witness (to it)
50:2  Behold! these (disbelievers) wonder that there has come to them a Warner who hails from among themselves. And the disbelievers say, `This is a strange thing
50:3  `What! when we are dead and reduced to dust, (shall we be raised to life again)? This (sort of) return is highly impossible.
50:4  We know how much of them the earth consumes (and how much it adds to them). We have with Us a book that preserves (everything - the Law of conservation)
50:5  Nay, (the truth of the matter is that) they denied the truth when it came to them, and so they are in a state of confusion
50:6  Do they not look at the sky above them, how We have made it and decked it out fair, so that it has no flaws
50:7  (Do they not look at) the earth how We have spread it out and stretched it forth, and set firm mountains in it, and caused to grow in it every beautiful species (of growth)
50:8  (We have done all this so that it may serve as) a source of enlightenment and a means of admonition to every servant (of Ours) who turns to Us
50:9  And We send down from the clouds water which is of great utility and blessings, and We cause to produce with it gardens and grains of the crop that is reaped
50:10  And tall (and stately) palm-trees laden with spathes, clusters over clusters
50:11  To serve Our servants for sustenance. And by means of this (water) We raise the dead land to life. That is how the Resurrection shall come to be
50:12  The people of Noah denied (the Hereafter) before them and so did the people of the Rass, and (the tribe of) Thamud
50:13  And (the tribe of) `ad and Pharaoh and the kinsmen of Lot
50:14  And the dwellers of the Thicket and the people of Tubba`. All of them cried lies to the Messengers (of God) so that My threatened punishment duly befell them
50:15  Are We wearied with the first creation (that We will not be able to create them the second time on the Day of Resurrection)? The fact is that they are in confusing doubt about a new creation
50:16  We created a human being and We know what (dark) suggestions his mind makes to him. We are nearer to him than even (his) jugular vein
50:17  Behold, the two recording (angels) sitting one on (his) right and one on (his) left go on preparing the record (of his deeds)
50:18  He utters not a word but (it is noted down by) a guardian (angel of his who) stands ready by his side (to record his words)
50:19  (Mankind!) the stupor of death has truly to come. This is the thing which you were trying to avoid
50:20  And the trumpet shall be sounded. That will be the Day, the warning of which has (already) been given
50:21  And every soul shall come forth (to account for his deeds). He will be accompanied by (an angel) who shall drive it and (an angel) who shall bear witness
50:22  (Then We shall say,) `Certainly, you were heedless of this day. But (now) We have removed from you your veil and your sight is very sharp this day.
50:23  And his (other angel) companion (who will come to bear witness) shall say, `Here is (the record of his deeds) ready with me.
50:24  (The sentence will be,) `Cast you two (angels), yes, cast in to Gehenna every hardened disbelieving enemy (of truth)
50:25  `Forbidder of good, transgressor, entertainer of doubts
50:26  `Who sets up (for worship) another deity beside Allah. So cast you two, yes, cast him in the severe punishment.
50:27  (The disbeliever will blame) his (evil) associate (who) will say, `O our Lord! it was not I that seduced him to transgress but he himself was deeply sunk in error.
50:28  He (- God) will say, `Dispute not (with each other) in My presence. I had already given you the warning (of this punishment) beforehand
50:29  `The judgment given by Me cannot be changed and I am not at all unjust to (My) servants.
50:30  On that Day We will ask Gehenna, `Are you filled up (with the inmates of the hell)?' It will go on saying (expressing its state), `Are there anymore (that I can take)?
50:31  (On that Day) Paradise will be brought near to those who had become secure against evil, (it will be) no more a thing distant (from them)
50:32  (It will be said,) `Here is that (Paradise) you were promised. (It is) for those who turned (to their Lord) again and again (seeking His mercy) and observed (His laws) with care
50:33  `Those who stood in awe of the Gracious (God) in the heart of their hearts, even unseen and came to Him with a heart turned in sincere devotion (to Him)
50:34  `Enter this (Paradise) in peace. this is a period lasting for ever.
50:35  They will have there all that they desire and We have in store much more (than this to give them)
50:36  So many (a guilty) generation, who were mightier than these people in prowess, have We destroyed (for their wrongs) before them. They journeyed from land to land (to escape). (But We seized them with Our punishment.) Was there any asylum (for them) to take refuge
50:37  All this contains a lesson for every such person as has (an understanding) heart, or gives ear (while) his mind is attentive
50:38  And verily, We created the heavens and the earth and all that lies between them in six aeons, and no weariness (even) touched Us
50:39  So bear with patience what they say, and glorify your Lord with His praises and extol His Holiness before sunrise and sunset
50:40  And celebrate His praises during parts of the night and after (prescribed) prostrations (in your Prayers)
50:41  (Reader) hearken! on the day when one that calls will call from a place quite near
50:42  The day they hear the inevitable mighty blast, that will be the day of coming forth (from the graves)
50:43  It is We Who give life and cause death and to Us is the (final) return (of all)
50:44  The day when the earth shall cleave asunder from above the people and they be revealed. They will come rushing forth. It will be easy for Us to raise them to life and gather them together
50:45  We are well-aware of what they say. You are not one to overawe them and cannot reform them by means of force. (Therefore pay no heed to what they say,) rather admonish with the Qur'an such of them as shall fear My warning