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50:1  Qaf. By the glorious Qur´an.
50:2  But they are astonished that a warner from amongst themselves came to them, so those who reject (the truth) say: this is a strange thing.
50:3  That when we have died and are dust, we will be brought back from beyond.
50:4  We know what the earth takes of them, and with Us is a protected record.
50:5  But they deny the truth when it reaches them and they are in a state of confusion.
50:6  Don´t they look at the sky above them how We constructed it and ornamented it and it has no cracks?
50:7  And We expanded the earth and placed on it stabilisers and made grow on it of every splendid species.
50:8  As an enlightenment and reminder for every repenting servant.
50:9  And We sent water as a blessing from the sky and grow with it gardens and crops from seed.
50:10  And tall date trees with layered date clusters.
50:11  As a provision for the servants (of Allah), and We revive with it a dead land. Likewise will be the resurrection.
50:12  The people of Nuh (Noah) and the people around the waterhole (ar-Rass) and Thamud denied before them.
50:13  And ´Ad and Pharaoh and the brothers of Lut (Lot).
50:14  And the inhabitants of the woodlands (al-Ayka) and the people of Tubba´ (in Yemen); they all denied the messengers, so the promise came true.
50:15  Are We then exhausted by the first creation? But they are uncertain about the new creation.
50:16  And We created man and know what his soul suggests to him and We are closer to him than his jugular vein.
50:17  When the two who keep meeting (him) sit on the right and the left.
50:18  He does not utter a word but there is an observer present with him.
50:19  And the delirium of death comes in truth, that is what you tried to avoid.
50:20  And the horn is blown, that is the promised day.
50:21  And every soul comes with a driver and a witness.
50:22  You were unaware of this, then We removed your covering from you and your eyesight today is firm.
50:23  And his companion will say: this is what I have brought.
50:24  Throw every obstinate rejecter (of the truth) into hell.
50:25  Who forbids what is good in transgression and doubt.
50:26  Who placed another god with Allah, so throw him into the severe punishment.
50:27  His companion will say: our Lord, I did not cause him to be excessive, but he was in extensive error.
50:28  He will say: do not argue before Me, I have already advanced My promise to you.
50:29  The word will not be changed before Me, and I do not wrong My servants.
50:30  On the day We will say to hell: are you full? and it will say: is there more?
50:31  And the garden will be brought near to those who beware (of Allah), without distance.
50:32  This is what you were promised for every one who repents and is mindful.
50:33  Who fears the Merciful in secret and comes with a repentant heart.
50:34  Enter it with peace, that is the day of eternity.
50:35  They will have what they please there, and with Us is more.
50:36  And how many generations have We destroyed before them with a stronger grip than theirs, so search the land, is there an escape?
50:37  In this is a reminder for whoever has a heart or listens and is a witness.
50:38  And We created the heavens and the earth and what is between them in six days, and no exhaustion afflicted Us.
50:39  So have patience with what they say and glorify the praise of your Lord before the rising of the sun and before its setting.
50:40  And glorify Him during the night and after your prostrations.
50:41  And listen out on the day the caller calls from a nearby place.
50:42  On the day they hear the roar in truth, that is the day of resurrection.
50:43  We give life and give death and to Us is the journey.
50:44  On the day the earth will rapidly spit them out, that will be an easy assembly for Us.
50:45  We know best what they say, and you are no tyrant over them, so remind with the Qur´an those who fear the promise.