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50:1  Qaaf. By the glorious Quran.
50:2  No, they wonder that a warner has come to them from among themselves, so the infidels say, “This is a wonderful thing.
50:3  What! when we are dead and become (part of the)soil, (will we then be raised to life again)? That is a return far (from probable).”
50:4  We indeed know that which the earth reduces from them and with Us is a protected record.
50:5  No, they denied the truth when it came to them, so they are left confused in the affair.
50:6  Did they not then look at the sky above them, how We have constructed it and adorned it and (that) there are no openings in it,
50:7  and the earth, (how) We have stretched it and (how) We have put mountains in it and (how) We have caused to grow every kind of beautiful thing in it?
50:8  (These are sources of) insight and a reminder for every servant who turns (to Allah).
50:9  And We send down blessed water from the sky, then We cause to grow through it gardens and grain that is reaped,
50:10  and tall date palms, the produce of which is layered,
50:11  a provision for (Our) servants, and We give life through it to a dead land, thus will be the coming out (on the day of resurrection).
50:12  (Those who) denied before them (were): people of Nuh and the inhabitants of Ar Raas and Samood
50:13  and Aad and Firawn and the brothers of Lut
50:14  and the inhabitants of the jungle and the people of Tubba, all denied the messengers so My threat became incumbent.
50:15  Were We then tired due to the first creation? No, they are in confusion about the new creation.
50:16  And We have created man and We know what his soul (mind) whispers to him, and We are nearer to him than his life vein,
50:17  when the two receivers (while) sitting, receive from the right and from the left,
50:18  he does not utter a word but one vigilant near him is ready.
50:19  And the intoxication of death will really come, (when it will be said), “That is what you used to run away from.”
50:20  And it will be blown into the trumpet (structure of the universe), that will be the threatened day.
50:21  And every soul will come, with it will be a driver and a witness.
50:22  (It will be said), “You were heedless of this, but We have removed from you your covering, so this day your sight is sharp.”
50:23  And his comrade will say, “This (record) which is with me is ready.”
50:24  (It will be ordered), “Both of you (driver and witness or the two angels on the right and the left of each person), put into hell, every ungrateful transgressor,
50:25  forbidder of good, exceeder of limits, doubter,
50:26  he who sets up another god with Allah, so both of you put him into the severe punishment.”
50:27  His comrade will say, “Our Fosterer! I did not cause him to rebel but he was (himself) far away in error.”
50:28  He will say, “Do not dispute in My presence, and I had indeed (informed you about) the threatening in advance,
50:29  (therefore) the statement from Me will not be changed and I am not unjust to My servants.”
50:30  The day We will say to hell, “Are you filled?” And it will say, “Are there any more?”
50:31  And the garden will be brought near to those who had guarded (against evil), not being far away.
50:32  This is what you were promised, (it is) for every one who turns (to Allah, being a) protector (of His religion),
50:33  who fears the Beneficent (Allah) without having seen (Him), and comes with a heart turning in repentance.
50:34  (It will be said to him): “Enter it in peace, that is the eternal day.”* * Period
50:35  For them therein, there will be what they will for, and more from Us.
50:36  And how many a generation did We destroy before them, who were stronger than them in taking hold (of others), but We made them to wander (from place to place) in the lands (asking), “Is there (a place of) refuge?”
50:37  There is certainly a reminder in that for him who has a heart or gives ear (i.e. hears) and he is one who witnesses.
50:38  And We created the skies and the earth and that which is between them in six periods, and weariness did not (even) touch Us.
50:39  So be patient over what they say, and glorify by praising your Fosterer before the rising of the sun and before its setting,
50:40  and (during parts) of the night glorify Him and after the prostrations (of salat).
50:41  And listen ! on the day when the announcer will announce from a near place,
50:42  the day when they will hear the loud cry in reality, that will be the day of coming out (from the earth).
50:43  (It is) certainly We (Who) give life and cause to die and towards Us is the destination.
50:44  The day the earth will split from (above) them, (they will come out) fast, that is an easy gathering together for Us.
50:45  We know best about that which they say, and you are not a compiler over them, therefore remind through the Quran, him who fears My threat.