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50:1  Q. By the majestic Quran!
50:2  Indeed they are astonished that a warner should come to them from among themselves. Disbelievers say: ´This is an astonishing thing!
50:3  Why, when we have died and become dust, that will mean such a long way to return!"
50:4  We well know how the earth hems them in, and We (also) have a Book to record it in.
50:5  Rather they denied the Truth when it came to them, so (now) they are in a confused state.
50:6  Have they not seen how We have built the sky above them and made it seem attractive? There are no flaws in it.
50:7  And We have spread the earth out and cast headlands upon it, and grown every sort of lovely species on it
50:8  as a token and Reminder for every repentant worshipper.
50:9  We have sent down blessed water from the sky and We grow gardens with it as well as grain to be harvested,
50:10  and soaring palms which have compact clusters
50:11  as sustenance for worshippers. We have revived a dead countryside with it; thus will (your) reappearance be.
50:12  Before them, Noah´s folk denied it, and the companions at the Well, and Thamud,
50:13  Ad, and Pharaoh, as well as Lot´s brethren,
50:14  the inhabitants of the Forest, and the people of Tubba; each rejected messengers, so My warning was confirmed.
50:15  Were We worn out by the first creation? Yet they are in a quandary about any fresh creation!
50:16  We have created man and know what his soul is whispering within him. We are Closer to him than his jugular vein!
50:17  When both encountering [angels] meet, seated to the right and to the left,
50:18  he will utter no statement unless he has an observer on hand ready to note it down.
50:19  The agony of death will come [and confront you] with the Truth; that is what you have been trying to escape!
50:20  The Trumpet shall be blown: that will be the day of the Threat!
50:21  Every soul shall come along; each will have a driver and a witness:
50:22  "You have been so heedless of this, that We have removed your blinders from you so your sight may be keen today!"
50:23  His soulmate will say: "All this lying before me needs to be checked into;
50:24  let us both toss every stubborn disbeliever into Hell,
50:25  [since he is] hindering good, aggressive, suspicious,
50:26  someone who has set up some other deity alongside God! Toss him into severe torment!"
50:27  His soulmate will say: "Our Lord, I did not make him act arrogantly, but he was gone too far astray."
50:28  He will say: "Do not argue in My presence! I had already sent the Threat ahead to you (all)!
50:29  The sentence will not be changed within My presence, nor am I unjust towards My worshippers."
50:30  On the day We shall say to Hell: "Are you filled up.", it will say: "Are there any more to be added?"
50:31  The Garden will be brought up a short distance from the heedful;
50:32  This is what you have been promised, for everyone who turns to observe it,
50:33  who lives in awe of the Mercy-giving, even though [He is] Unseen, and comes with a repentant heart.
50:34  Enter it peacefully; that is the day that will last forever."
50:35  "They will have anything they wish in it, and more besides [when they are] in Our presence.
50:36  How many generations have We wiped out before them? They were much braver than they are and stormed through the land. Yet had they any escape?
50:37  In that is a Reminder for anyone who has a heart or lends an ear while he [also] acts as a witness.
50:38  We created Heaven and Earth and whatever lies in between them six days, while no weariness ever affects Us.
50:39  So be patient about anything they may say, and hymn your Lord´s praise before the sun´s rising and before its setting,
50:40  and at night. Glorify Him whenever you finish bowing down on your knees.
50:41  Listen for the day when the Crier will call out from a nearby place,
50:42  a day when they will really hear the Blast; that will be the day to reappear in!
50:43  It is We Who give life and bring death, and toward Us lies the goal
50:44  on a day when the earth will split open quickly because of them. Such a mustering will be easy for Us.
50:45  We are quite Aware of what they say: you should not be too demanding on them. Remind anyone who fears My warning by means of the Quran.