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50:1  Q[f. By the glorious Quran!
50:2  Nay! They marveled that there drew near them one who warns from among themselves. So the ones who are ungrateful said: This is a strange thing.
50:3  When we died and had been earth dust, that is a far-fetched returning!
50:4  Surely, We knew what the earth reduces from them. And with Us is a guardian Book.
50:5  Nay! They denied The Truth when it drew near them, so they are in a confused state of affairs.
50:6  Look they not on the heaven above them, how We built it and made it appear pleasing? And there are not any gaps in it.
50:7  And the earth, We stretched it out and cast on it firm mountains and caused in it to develop every lovely, diverse pair
50:8  for contemplation and as a reminder to every servant, one who turns in repentance.
50:9  And We sent down blessed water from heaven. Then, We caused gardens to develop from it and reaped grains of wheat
50:10  and high-reaching date palm trees with ranged spathes
50:11  as provision for My servants. And We gave life by them to a lifeless land. Thus, will be the going forth.
50:12  The folk of Noah denied what came before them, and the Companions of the Rass and Thamud,
50:13  and Ad and Pharaoh and the brothers of Lot,
50:14  and the Companions of the Thicket and the folk of Tubba. Everyone denied the Messengers, so My threat was realized.
50:15  Were We wearied by the first creation? Nay! They are perplexed about a new creation.
50:16  And, certainly, We created the human being. We know what evil his soul whispers to him. We are nearer to him than the jugular vein.
50:17  When the two receivers are ones who receive, seated on the right and on the left,
50:18  he utters not a saying but that there is one ready, watching over near him
50:19  when the agony of death drew near with The Truth. That is what thou hadst been shunning.
50:20  And the trumpet will be blown. That is the Day of The Threat.
50:21  And every person will draw near with an angel, one who drives, and an angel witness.
50:22  Certainly, thou hadst been heedless of this so We removed thy screen from thee so that thy sight this Day will be sharp.
50:23  And his comrade angel would say: This is what is ready near me of his record:
50:24  Cast into hell every stubborn ingrate
50:25  who delays the good, one who exceeds the limits, one who is in grave doubt,
50:26  he who made another god with God! Then, cast him into the severe punishment!
50:27  His comrade Satan would say: Our Lord! I made him not overbold, but he had been going far astray.
50:28  He would say: Strive not against one another in My presence, for, surely, I will put forward The Threat to you.
50:29  The statement is not substituted in My presence and I am not unjust to the servants.
50:30  On a Day when We will say to hell: Art thou full? And it will say: Are there any additions?
50:31  And the Garden was brought close to the ones who are Godfearing, not far off.
50:32  This is what is promised you, for every penitent and guardian
50:33  who dreaded The Merciful in the unseen and drew near with a heart of one who turns in repentance:
50:34  Enter you there in peace. That is the Day of Eternity!
50:35  They will have what they will in it and with Us there is yet an addition.
50:36  And how many We caused to perish before them of generations who were stronger than they in courage so that they searched about on the land. Was there any asylum?
50:37  Truly, in that is a reminder for him, for whoever had a heart or, having the ability to hear, gave listen. He is a witness.
50:38  And, certainly, We created the heavens and the earth and whatever is between in six days, and no exhaustion afflicted Us.
50:39  So have thou patience with whatever they say and glorify with the praise of thy Lord before the coming up of the sun and before sunset.
50:40  And in the night glorify Him and at the end part of the prostrations.
50:41  And listen thou on a Day when one who calls out will cry out from a near place.
50:42  On a Day when they will hear the Cry with The Truth. That will be the Day of going forth.
50:43  Truly, it is We who give life and cause to die and to Us is the Homecoming
50:44  on a Day when the earth will be split open swiftly. That will be an easy assembling for Us.
50:45  We are greater in knowledge as to what they say. And thou art not haughty over them so remind by the Quran whoever fears My threat.