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50:1  Qaf; by oath of the Glorious Qur’an
50:2  Rather they were shocked that a Herald of Warning came to them from among themselves, so the disbelievers said, “This is something really strange.”
50:3  “When we are dead and have turned to dust, will we be raised again? That return is impossible!”
50:4  We know all what the earth decreases from them; and with Us is a Book that retains
50:5  In fact they denied the Truth when it came to them, so they are now in a dilemma
50:6  So did they not see the sky above them - how We have made it and beautified it, and there are no cracks in it
50:7  And (how) We have spread the earth, and placed mountains as anchors in it, and have grown all kinds of beautiful pairs in it
50:8  A perception and an understanding, for every bondman who inclines
50:9  And We sent down the auspicious water from the sky, therefore producing gardens with it, and the grain that is harvested
50:10  And high date-palms with lush fruit
50:11  As sustenance for the bondmen; and with it We revived a dead city; this is how you will be raised
50:12  Before these, the people of Nooh had denied, and so did the dwellers of Rass and the Thamud
50:13  And the tribe of A’ad, and Firaun, and the fellowmen of Lut
50:14  And the Dwellers of the Woods, and the people of Tubb’a; each one of them one denied the Noble Messengers, so My promised punishment proved true
50:15  So did We tire by creating the first time? Rather they doubt being created again
50:16  And indeed We have created man and We know what his soul instils in him; and We are nearer to him than the hearts artery
50:17  When the two Receiving Angels receive (his deeds), one seated on the right and one on the left
50:18  He does not utter a single word, without a ready recorder seated next to him
50:19  And the hardship of death came with the truth; “This is what you were escaping from!”
50:20  And the Trumpet was blown; “This is the Day of the promised punishment.”
50:21  And every soul came, along with a herder and a witness
50:22  “You were indeed neglectful of this, so We have removed the veil for you, and your eyesight is sharp this day.”
50:23  And his accompanying angel said, “This is the record of your deeds, available with me.”
50:24  It will be said to the angels, “Both of you fling every excessive ungrateful, stubborn person into hell.”
50:25  “The one who excessively prevented from virtue, the transgressor, the doubtful.”
50:26  “The one who appointed another God along with Allah – so both of you fling him into the severe punishment.”
50:27  His accompanying devil said, “Our Lord! I did not cause him to rebel, but he himself was in extreme error.”
50:28  He will say, “Do not dispute before Me – I had already warned you of the punishment.”
50:29  “With Me, the decree does not change, and nor do I oppress the bondmen.”
50:30  The day when We will ask hell, “Are you filled up?” and it will answer, “Are there some more?”
50:31  And Paradise will be brought close to the pious, not far away from them
50:32  This is what you are promised – for every repenting, careful person
50:33  Who fears the Most Gracious without seeing, and came with a heart that inclines
50:34  It will be said to him, “Enter it in peace; this is the day of eternity.”
50:35  In it for them is all that they may desire, and with Us is more than it
50:36  And many a generation We did destroy before them, who exceeded them in strength, therefore venturing in the cities! Is there a place to escape
50:37  Indeed in this is an advice for anyone who keeps a heart, or listens attentively
50:38  And We have indeed created the heavens and the earth, and all what is between them, in six days; and fatigue did not even approach Us
50:39  Therefore (O dear prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him) patiently bear upon what they say, and praising your Lord say His Purity before the sun rises and before the sun sets
50:40  And say His Purity during the night, and after the customary prayers
50:41  And listen attentively on the day when an announcer will proclaim from a place nearby
50:42  The day when all will hear the Scream with the truth; this is the day of coming out of the graves
50:43  Indeed it is We Who give life, and give death, and towards Us only is the return
50:44  On the day when the earth will split for them, so they will come out in haste; this is the gathering - easy for Us
50:45  We well know what they say (O dear Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him), and you are not one to use force over them; therefore advise him with the Qur’an, whoever fears My threat