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50:1  Q. By the glorious Qur'an
50:2  nay, they wonder that there has come to them a warner from amongst themselves; and the misbelievers say, 'This is a wondrous thing
50:3  What, when we are dead and have become dust?- that is a remote return!
50:4  We well know what the earth consumes of them, for with, us is a book that keeps (account)
50:5  Nay, they call the truth a lie when it comes to them, and they are in a confused affair
50:6  Do not they behold the heaven above them, how we have built it and adorned it, and how it has no flaws
50:7  And the earth, we have stretched it out and thrown thereon firm mountains, and caused to grow thereon every beautiful kind
50:8  An insight and a reminder to every servant who repents
50:9  And we sent down from the heaven water as a blessing, and caused to grow therewith gardens and the harvest grain
50:10  And the tall palm trees having piled up spathes
50:11  for a provision to (our) servants; and we quickened thereby a dead land; thus shall the resurrection be
50:12  Before them the people of Noah and the fellows of ar Rass and Thamu
50:13  and 'Ad and Pharaoh called the apostles liars; and the brethren of Lo
50:14  and the fellows of the Grove and the people of Tubbah all called the prophets liars, and the threat was duly executed
50:15  Were we then fatigued with the first creation? nay! but they are in obscurity concerning the new creation
50:16  But we created man, and we know what his soul whispers; for we are nigher to him than his jugular vein
50:17  When the two meeters meet, sitting the one on the right and the other on the left
50:18  not a word does he utter, but a watcher is by him ready
50:19  And the agony of death shall come in truth!- 'that is what thou didst shun!
50:20  And the trumpet shall be blown!- that is the threatened day
50:21  And every soul shall come - with it a driver and a witness
50:22  'Thou wert heedless of this, and we withdrew thy veil from thee, and today is thine eyesight keen!
50:23  And his mate shall say, 'This is what is ready for me (to attest)
50:24  'Throw into hell every stubborn misbeliever!
50:25  who forbids good, a transgressor, a doubter
50:26  who sets other gods with God - and throw him, ye twain, into fierce torment!
50:27  His mate shall say, 'Our Lord! I seduced him not, but he was in a remote error.
50:28  He shall say, 'Wrangle not before me; for I sent the threat to you before
50:29  The sentence is not changed with me, nor am I unjust to my servants.
50:30  On the day we will say to hell, 'Art thou full?' and it will say, 'Are there any more?
50:31  And Paradise shall be brought near to the pious,- not far off
50:32  This is what ye are promised, to every one who turns frequently (to God) and keeps His commandments
50:33  who fears the Merciful in secret and brings a repentant heart
50:34  'Enter into it in peace: this is the day of eternity!
50:35  They shall have what they wish therein, and increase from us
50:36  How many a generation have we destroyed before them, mightier than they in prowess! Pass through the land, is there any refuge
50:37  Verily, in that is a reminder to whomsoever has a heart, or, gives ear, and is a witness thereto
50:38  We did create the heavens and the earth and what is between the two in six days, and no weariness touched us
50:39  Be thou patient then of what they say, and celebrate the praises of thy Lord before the rising of the sun and before the setting
50:40  And through (some) of the night celebrate His praise and the additional adorations
50:41  And listen for the day when the crier shall cry from a near place;
50:42  the day when they shall hear the shout in truth - that is the day of coming forth
50:43  Verily, we quicken and we kill, and unto us the journey is
50:44  On the day when the earth shall be cleft asunder from them swiftly;- that is a gathering together which is easy to us
50:45  We know what they say; nor art thou over them one to compel. Wherefore remind, by the Qur'an, him who fears the threat