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47:1  Those that suppress the Truth and cause hindrance in Allah's Path — He will let all their deeds go waste
47:2  And those who beieve and do righteous deeds and believe in what have been divinely sent down upon Muhammad — and that (what has been sent down) is the Truth from their Lord — He will efface their bad deeds, and He will set their condition right
47:3  It is so because those who suppress the Truth pursue falsehood, and those who beieve pursue the Truth from their Lord. In this way does Allah give to mankind the similitudes of their lives
47:4  Then when you confront in war those who suppress the Truth, smite their necks until you subdue them, and then take them securely into custody [as prisoners of war]. Thereafter [you may set them free,] either as an act of grace or against ransom, so that the burden of war is lifted. But thus it is — and had Allah so willed, He could indeed punish them Himself — so as to test you [all] by means of one another. And those that are killed in Allah's Path — He will never let their deeds go waste
47:5  He will guide them, and set their condition right
47:6  And He will admit them to the Garden [Paradise] as already described to them
47:7  O you who believe! If you help Allah, He will help you, and He will consolidate your position
47:8  And those that suppress the Truth — they are bound to face destruction, and Allah will let all their deeds go waste
47:9  That is so because they hate what Allah has sent down. And He then causes their deeds to come to naught
47:10  Have they not then travelled about on the earth and beheld what happened in the end to those who lived before their time? Allah brought about annihilation on them! And for those that suppress the truth, [He can bring about annihilations] like thereof
47:11  That is because Allah is the Patron of all those who believe, whereas they who suppress the Truth have no Patron
47:12  Allah will indeed admit all those who believe and do righteous deeds into gardens underneath which rivers flow. And those who suppress the Truth shall have — they may enjoy their life [in this world] and eat as cattle eat — the Fire [of the hereafter] for their abode
47:13  And how many a city greater in power than this city [Makkah] of yours which has driven you out, [O Muhammad,] have We destroyed, and then nobody came to help them
47:14  Is, then, he who stands on clear evidence from his Lord like one to whom one's bad deeds seem good? And people of the latter category follow but their own lusts
47:15  [Consider] example of the Garden [Paradise] which the pious are promised. Therein are rivers of unpolluted water, and rivers of milk with unaltering taste, and rivers of wine delicious to drink, and rivers of purified honey. And therein they [the pious] shall enjoy all the fruits and forgiveness from their Lord. Can such pious persons be likened to persons who are to abide in the Fire and be given boiling water to drink that would cut off their intestines?
47:16  And among them are those who [apparently] listen to you, [O Muhammad,] and then, as soon as they leave you, say despisingly to those endowed with knowledge, "What is it that he [Muhammad] has said?" It is such as these whose hearts Allah has sealed; and they have followed but their own lusts
47:17  And those that seek guidance — He improves them in guidance and gives them their piety
47:18  Are they, then, waiting for the Hour (the time when the present world will end and the Hereafter begin) to come upon them of a sudden? Portends of it have verily come! And what will mention of these [portends] avail them, once it [the Hour] has come upon them
47:19  Know, then, that there is none worthy of worship but Alah. And ask forgiveness for your sins, [O Muhammad,] and for [the sins of] all other believing men and women. And Allah does know all your movements as well as your abodes
47:20  And those who beieve say "Would that divine revelation [as desired by us] is sent down!" But now that an unambiguous revelation about war has been sent down, you [Muhammad] can see those, in whose hearts is a disease, looking at you with the look of one who is about to faint for fear of death! Far better for them woud be [continued to next Verse
47:21  [Far better for them woud be] obedience and a word of gratitude! Now that the matter is settled — [by the revelation concerning war] — it would certainly be for their good to remain true to Alah
47:22  "If you turn away, would you, then, spread corruption on earth, and cut asunder your ties of kinship!?"
47:23  Those are the ones whom Allah has cursed! So He made them deaf and blinded their sight
47:24  Why do they not, then, ponder over this Qur'aan? Or are there locks upon their minds to keep it [Qur'aan] out
47:25  Indeed, those [hypocrites] who turn on their backs after guidance that has been clearly given to them — the Satan prods them on, and he aids and abets them
47:26  Because, they [hypocrites] say to those [unbelievers] who abhor what Allah has revealed, "We will obey you in some matters." And Allah is aware of their secrets
47:27  What then woud be their condition when, while the angels cause them to die, they strike at their faces and at their backs!
47:28  Because, they pursue what angers Allah and shun what pleases Him. And so He has made their deeds worthless
47:29  Or do those, in whose hearts is a disease, think that Allah would never bring their crookedness to light
47:30  And had We so willed, We could have shown them clearly to you, so that you would know them by their visible distinguishing marks. And you should certainly recognize them by tone of speech. And Allah knows what you all do
47:31  And We certainly shall try you all to distinguish those of you who strive hard in Our cause and are patient in adversity. And We shall put to test all your assertions
47:32  Indeed, they who suppress the Truth and cause hindrance in Alah's path, and cut themselves off from the Messenger after guidance clearly given to them — they can in no way harm Allah! And He will render all their deeds worthess
47:33  O those who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger, and render not your deeds null and void
47:34  Indeed, they who suppress the Truth and cause hindrance in Alah's path, and then die as suppressors of the Truth — Allah will not grant them forgiveness
47:35  Be not then weak and call for peace while you have the upper hand. Allah is with you, and He will not leave you unrewarded for your deeds
47:36  The life of this world is but sport and pastime. And if you believe in and fear Allah, He will repay you handsomely without asking you to part with your material possessions therefor
47:37  Were He to ask and press for it [your material possessions], you would show your miserliness, and so Allah would bring your crookedness to light
47:38  Here you are! It is you who are called upon to spend in Allah's Path. But then among you are those who are miserly! And one is miserly but towards one's own self. And Allah is the One self-sufficient, and you are the ones needy! And if you turn away [from Him], He will cause other people to take your place, and they will not be like you