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48:1  We have indeed granted you a clear victory.
48:2  [The victory was granted] in order that Allah may forgive you your past and future sins and complete His favour upon you and guide you to a straight path
48:3  And [in order] that Allah might give you [Muhammad] powerful help
48:4  It is He who sends down tranquillity into the minds of the believers, to add faith to their faith. And to Allah belong all forces of the heavens and the earth. And Allah is Aware, Wise
48:5  [Tranquillity is bestowed on beievers' minds] so that He might admit the believing men and believing women into Gardens, through which rivers flow, to dwell therein forever, and so that He might cleanse them of their evils. And that is, with Allah, the highest success
48:6  And so that He might punish the hypocrites, men and women, and the polytheists, men and women, who imagine evil things about Allah. Evil time shall come upon them. And Allah is very angry with them. And He has cursed them and has prepared Hell for them. And an evil destination it is
48:7  And to Allah belong all forces of the heavens and the earth. And Allah is Omnipotent, Wise
48:8  We have indeed sent you [Muhammad] as a witness, as a bearer of good tidings, and as a warner
48:9  [We have sent Muhammad as such] so that you [people] may believe in Allah and His Messenger, and may assist Him, respect His Majesty, and glorify Him morning and evening
48:10  Indeed, all who pledge their allegiance to you [Prophet Muhammad] pledge their allegiance to Allah! Allah's hand is over their hands. Hence, he who breaks his oath breaks it only to his own detriment. Whereas he who remains true to what he has pledged to Allah — he shall have a great reward bestowed upon him
48:11  Those bedouins [nomadic Arabs staying in small oases in the desert and not in cities like Makkah and Medina] who remained behind [and did not accompany the Prophet in his mission] will say to you [Prophet], "Our properties and our families kept us engrossed, so seek Allah's forgiveness for us." They will say with their tongues what is not in their minds. Say, "Who then can intervene in the least on your behalf with Allah, if He wills to inflict any harm on you, or to give you any benefit? Allah is but well aware of all that you do."
48:12  "You but thought that the Messenger and the believers would never return to their families. And you were pleased, in your minds, with this thought. And you conceived an evil thought, and you became a people doomed!"
48:13  And those who believe not in Allah and His Messenger — We have indeed prepared a blazing Fire for those who suppress the Truth
48:14  To Allah belongs the absolute sovereignty over the heavens and the earth. He forgives whom He wills, and punishes whom He wills. And Allah is forgiving and merciful
48:15  When you [believers] set off to gather spoils of war, those that stayed behind [during war] will say, "Let us follow you." They want to change Allah's word, but tell them, "You shall not follow us. Allah has ordained so about you in advance." Then they will say, "You are jealous of us." But little do they understand
48:16  Tell the bedouins who stayed behind, "You shall be summoned to fight against a militarily strong people, unless they submit. Then if you obey, Allah will grant you a good reward, but if you turn away as you did before, He will inflict on you a painful punishment."
48:17  No blame on the blind, or on the lame or the sick. And he who obeys Allah and His Messenger, Allah will admit him to Gardens through which rivers flow. And he who turns away, he shall be inflicted with painful punishment
48:18  Allah was surely pleased with the believers when they swore allegiance to you [Prophet] under the tree! HE knew what was in their minds and so He made calmness descend on them and rewarded them with a victory that was to come in near future
48:19  And [Allah rewarded them] with many future spoils of war to gather. And Allah is Omnipotent, Wise
48:20  Allah has promised you many future gains [spoils of war] to gather, and He has hastened to you this one. And He has restrained the hands of people from harming you, so that it may be a sign for the believers, and so that He may guide you to a straight path
48:21  And there are others [gains] which are still beyond your grasp, [but] which Allah has brought under His compass [for you]. And Allah is capable of doing anything
48:22  If those who suppress the Truth were to fight you, they would certainly turn their backs. And then they would find neither a wali nor anyone else to help
48:23  That was Allah's practice that prevailed in the past; and you shall find no change in Allah's practice
48:24  And He it is who wit eld their hands from you, and your hands from them in the valley of Makkah, after giving you victory over them. Allah does see what you do
48:25  They were those who suppressed the Truth, hindered you from going to the Sacred Mosque and prevented your offering from reaching its place of sacrifice. And [Allah would have commanded you to fight them] had it not been for the believing men and believing women [in Makkah] whom you might unwittingly have trodden down, and on whose account you might have, unknowingly, become guilty. [Allah wit eld your hands from the suppressors of Truth] so that He may bring whoever He will into His mercy. If they [the believers] had been clearly separated [from the non-believers], We would have punished those who have suppressed the Truth with a painful punishment
48:26  While those who suppress the Truth made it, in their minds, a matter of pride — the pride of the days of ignorance — Allah sent down a sense of calmness and tranquillity from Him on to His Messenger and the believers and made them adhere to the principle of piety. And they were entitled to it [piety] and were worthy of it. And Allah has knowledge of all things
48:27  Allah was of course right in showing His Messenger a truthful vision. Allah willing, you will most certainly enter the Sacred Mosque in safety and without fear, with heads shaven or with hair cut short. Allah knew what you did not! So He has given you this victory before that one.
48:28  He is the One who has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the true way of life [Islam], so that He may have it prevail over all [other] ways of life. And Allah suffices as a witness!
48:29  Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. Those who are with him are firm and strict with those who suppress the truth, but compassionate towards one another. You see them bowing and prostrating to seek favours from Allah and His pleasure. Their distinguishing marks — the results of their [frequent] prostrations — are on their faces. They are likened in the Torah and in the Gospel to a seed which sends out its shoot and then strengthens it. It then becomes thick, and stands firm on its own stem, delighting the farmers. [Allah has so developed the character of believers] to enrage, through them, those who suppress the Truth. Allah has promised forgiveness and a great reward to those of them who believe and do good deeds