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47:1  Those who disbelieve and obstruct others from the way of Allah, have really squandered their good deeds
47:2  Allah will straighten the affairs of those who believe, perform good deeds, and believe in what is revealed to Mohammed (SAW). That which is revealed, is the truth from their Lord. He will rinse their faults clean
47:3  That is because the disbelievers follow falsehood, whereas the believers follow the truth from their Lord! Thus Allah cites their examples for the people
47:4  So, when you clash with the disbelievers (in battle) slay them! If you over power them, take them prisoners and secure them well. Later when the weapons are laid down, either release them on ransom, or graciously on their own (as a favor). Allah could have exacted revenge, had He wanted; But He wants to test some of you by certain others among you. Allah will never waste the deeds of those who are slain in the way of Allah
47:5  He will soon guide them and set their affairs right
47:6  He will usher them into paradise; He has already familiarized them with it
47:7  Oh you who believe! If you help Allah, He will support you and establish you firmly in the land
47:8  And those who disbelieve Allah, fell flat on their faces! He lets their actions go astray
47:9  They dislike that which Allah has revealed! Therefore, He lets their deeds lose all their worth
47:10  Have they not moved about in the land? Do they not observe the ultimate fate of those before them? Allah annihilated them! A similar fate awaits those who do not believe
47:11  Because the believers have Allah as their Patron, while the unbelievers have no patron
47:12  Indeed, Allah will let those who believe, and perform good deeds, enter paradise; rivers run right through it! And fire shall be the abode of those who disbelieve. In this life, they eat and live out their existence like cattle
47:13  Many a town, stronger than yours that has expelled you, have We destroyed! Then they found no helpers for themselves
47:14  Can (the fate of) one following clear instructions of his Lord be similar to the one who follows his own whims and wishes? Their evil deeds have been made to appear good to them
47:15  The paradise that the pious are being promised contains rivers of water without a stink, milk the taste of which undergoes no change, wine that tastes sumptuous, and strained honey. In it, they shall have every kind of fruit! And forgiveness from their Lord! Could he (in paradise) be compared to the one who shall be in fire till eternity, and shall be served scalding hot water which will split open his intestines
47:16  Among them are those who come to hear you. But after leaving, they ask those who know, "What did he say just now?" Allah has stamped their hearts! They follow their whims and wishes
47:17  Allah increases in guidance those who accept His advice. He awards them piety
47:18  So what are they still waiting for? The hour (of Judgment)? It shall come upon them suddenly and surreptitiously. Its signs have already appeared! Where would they get their guidance once the hour has arrived
47:19  Know it! For sure, there is no god but Allah! Seek forgiveness for your sins as well as the sins of the believing men and the believing women. Allah is Aware of their movement on earth, and their places of residence
47:20  And those who believe were wondering out loud, as to why no revelation has been sent down (exhorting fighting to defend themselves)? Did you observe? When the definite order about fighting was revealed, those with diseased hearts stared at you like the one about to faint with the fear of death! So, evil is for them
47:21  Only obedience and welcome remarks are accepted, once the order is revealed. Had they stayed loyal to Allah, they would have fared better
47:22  If given authority in the land, you would disobey (Allah), spread mischief, and violate the family ties
47:23  Those are the ones Allah has cursed. He has made them go deaf, and has blinded their eyes
47:24  Have they never pondered over this Qur´an? Or do they have locks placed on their hearts
47:25  They turned away, even though the guidance itself had convinced them of its truth. Therefore, Shaitan deceived them and gave them false hope
47:26  Because they say to those who hate Allah´s revelation, "In some matters we will follow you." Allah is well-Aware of their secret conversation
47:27  Imagine when the angels will take possession of their souls, slapping their faces and their backs
47:28  Their good deeds lost their worth, because they followed that which displeases Allah, and because they dislike seeking the pleasure of Allah
47:29  Do those with diseased hearts think that Allah will never expose their weaknesses
47:30  If We want We could have you recognize them by their very faces. But you may recognize them by their features, and by the way they talk. Indeed, Allah knows all your deeds
47:31  Surely, We shall continue to test you, till We know the ones who struggle hard for Allah and remain steadfast; and We will test you in all your affairs
47:32  The disbelievers __ those who obstructed people from coming to the path of Allah, and have caused distress to His messenger, even after clear guidance had arrived __ will not harm Allah a bit! Allah will make their deeds lose all value
47:33  Oh those of you who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the messenger. Do not waste your good deeds
47:34  Allah will never forgive those who continue to disbelieve, and obstruct people from the path of Allah, right until the time they die
47:35  So, do not become lax. Continue to call towards Islam. You will be the winner! Allah will not diminish the worth of your deeds
47:36  Life in this world is nothing but fun and games! If you believe, and be pious, He will grant you your just rewards. He will not ask for your wealth
47:37  If He demands your wealth and continues to do so, you will be stingy and He will expose your weaknesses
47:38  Here you are, now. You are being invited to spend in the path of Allah. Among you are those who are stingy; he who acts stingily does so for his own self! Allah is over and above all needs. You are the paupers! If you turn away, Allah will bring in your place others, who would not be like you