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48:1  Indeed, (oh Muhammad SAW), We granted you a definite victory
48:2  So Allah may forgive all your sins, the ones in the past as well as those in the future, so He may conclude His blessings upon you and may guide you on to the straight path
48:3  So Allah may award you a convincing victory
48:4  He it is, Who caused the hearts of the believers to be serene and sedate. He enhanced their faith, and added conviction to their belief. To Allah belong the forces of the heavens and the earth. Allah is well Aware and the Wisest
48:5  So He may usher the believing men and the believing women into the gardens of paradise _ rivers run right through it. They shall live there forever, and He will cleanse their sins (and correct their faults and flaws). That according to Allah, is the greatest triumph
48:6  And so He may punish the hypocrite men and the hypocrite women, and the polytheist men and the polytheist women _ those who hold the worst of beliefs about Allah. A string of evil surrounds them! Allah is furious with them. He has cursed them, and has prepared the hellfire for them. That is the evil path
48:7  The forces of the heavens and the earth belong to Allah! Allah is the Mighty, the Wisest
48:8  In fact, We have sent you, (O Muhammad, SAW) as a witness; as a harbinger of good news, and as a warner (of His wrath)
48:9  Therefore, (oh mankind!) you should believe in Allah and His messenger, respect and revere Him, and chant His praises every morning and evening
48:10  Indeed, those who took the oath of allegiance to you, (oh Muhammad, SAW), were in fact pledging their allegiance to Allah. It was actually Allah´s hand over their hand! So now, whoever violates (the pledge) does so to his own detriment. Allah will grant a generous reward to the one who (faithfully) fulfills the covenant with Him
48:11  The wandering Bedouin Arabs, those who (deliberately) lagged behind, will (no doubt) say to you, "Our assets and our families kept us busy. So pray (to Allah) for our forgiveness." With their lips they utter that which is (just) not there in their hearts. Say, "Does anyone have even the slightest ability to stop Allah, if He intends to hurt you _ or help you? Allah is well Aware of what you do."
48:12  "In fact, you thought that the messenger and the believers would not ever return (from their mission) to see their families, and that thought heartened you. You imagined and anticipated the worst (for them). You are a worthless wicked people!"
48:13  Whoever does not believe in Allah and the messenger (should be warned that), for the unbelievers We have really prepared a blazing fire
48:14  The kingdom of the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah. He pardons whom He wants and punishes whom He wants. Allah is the most Forgiving and the most Kind
48:15  Those who lagged behind will (no doubt) say, "Let us be with you when you leave for the loot (and the spoils of war)." They (actually) intend to modify the word (and the verdict) of Allah! Tell them, "You shall not accompany us now. Allah has already said so, earlier." Then, they would say, "In fact, you are discriminating against us." On the contrary, they are the ones who hardly understand anything
48:16  Say to the wandering Bedouins who had (deliberately) lagged behind earlier, "Soon you would be called into combat against a people possessing considerable martial strength and skill, unless they surrender. You shall have to face them in battle. (That would be your test)! Then, if you obey, Allah would grant you an excellent reward. Conversely, if you turn your backs like you did earlier, He would chastise you with a painful punishment."
48:17  There is no blame upon the blind and the lame (those handicapped); nor upon those who are sick. (They may not heed the call to Jihad, all-out struggle for His sake). Allah will usher into the gardens of paradise _ right through which run the rivers _ all those who obey Him, and His messenger. He will punish with the painful torment anyone who turns his back
48:18  Allah was definitely well pleased with the believers when they, as they sat under the tree, pledged their allegiance to you. He knew what was in their heart, so He bestowed a comforting calm upon them. As a reward, He arranged for them a victory in the near future
48:19  They will acquire an abundance of booty. Allah is the Mighty, the Wisest
48:20  Allah has promised that you would capture a lot of booty in the future. Meanwhile, He has granted you this (victory) in advance. He restrained the hands of men _ (your enemies); He kept them from hurting you! So that it may serve as a sign for the believers; so that He may guide you on to the straight path
48:21  And (He promises you) other (bounties)! You are (as yet) not capable of achieving them. But Allah has earmarked them (for you). Allah is capable of accomplishing everything
48:22  If the unbelievers had engaged you in combat at that time, they would have turned their backs (and fled). Then, they would not have found any allies or supporters
48:23  Such is the norm, the established way of Allah, which is in force since a very long time. You shall not find any change in the established practice of Allah
48:24  It is He Who restrained their hands (and kept them) from (hurting) you. After He had caused you to triumph over them in the city of Makkah, He held your hands back (and kept you) from (hurting) them. Allah watches everything you do
48:25  It is they, the unbelievers, who prevented you from reaching the Holy mosque and prevented the animals pledged for sacrifice from reaching the site of the sacrificial slaughter. But, there were believing men and women in their midst whom you did not know. Unwittingly, you would have killed them, and unknowingly you would have suffered the sin (of having killed the believers). Therefore, Allah restrained your hands, so that He might admit into His mercy whomever He wants. Had they (the believing men and women) stood apart, We would have punished the disbelievers with the painful punishment
48:26  Right then, the unbelievers displayed arrogance; they bolstered their hearts with an ignorant and boastful zealotry. Allah conferred a comforting calm over His messenger, and the believers. He imposed upon them (the self-restraint, and) the words of piety. They were worthy of that (honor); they deserved it! Allah is well Aware of every single thing
48:27  Of course, Allah caused His messenger to witness a true vision in his dream. (It shall come true)! You would definitely, Allah willing, enter the holy mosque in peace; you would, without any fear, get your head shaved or your hair trimmed. He knows that which you do not know. Besides this one, He has arranged another victory for you in the near future
48:28  He it is, Who has sent His messenger with the guidance, and the religion of truth. So He may cause it to prevail over all (false) religions, (over all ism, and in all walks of life). Allah is a sufficient Witness
48:29  Muhammad, (SAW), is the messenger of Allah. He and his followers are tough on the unbelievers; but they are kind to each other. You see them bowing, and falling down prostrate (before Allah) seeking His favors and His acceptance. The distinctive effect of prostrating (before their Creator) is apparent on their faces. Such is their description in the Torah. About them, the Gospel quotes the parable, "It is as if the seed is sown in the field. In time it sprouts and sends up a tiny green shoot. Then, it becomes strong and stout, and stands on its stalk. It delights the sower and enrages the unbelievers." Allah promises forgiveness and a tremendous reward to those of the believers who perform the righteous deeds