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13:1  Alif Lām Mīm Ra. Those are the signs of the Scripture. And what has been sent down to yousg from your Lord is the truth, but most of mankind do not believe.
13:2  Allah is the One Who raised up the heavens without pillars that you see, then He settled over the Throne, and He has subjected the sun and the moon, each running for a stated term. He governs matters; He details signs, that youpl may be certain of the meeting with your Lord.
13:3  And He is the One Who spread the land and made in it firm mountains and rivers, and of all products he made therein two pairs; He causes the night to overwhelm the day; indeed, in that are signs for people who reflect.
13:4  And in the land are neighboring plots and gardens of vines, and vegetation, and date-palms—from the same root or from distinct roots—irrigated with the same water, yet We make the produce of some taste better than others; most surely, in that are signs for people who reason.
13:5  And if yousg are amazed, then more amazing is their saying: “Can it be that when we have become dust—can it be that we will really be (resurrected) in a new creation?” Those are the ones who have denied their Lord, and those are the ones with yokes around their necks, for those are the fellows of the Fire; therein they abide.
13:6  And they urge yousg to hasten evil before good, though exemplary punishments have occurred before them. And most surely your Lord is the Possessor of forgiveness to mankind despite their injustice, but most surely your Lord is stern in retribution.
13:7  And those who have denied say, “If only a sign would be sent down to him from his Lord?” Indeed, you are only a forewarner, as for every people there is a guide.
13:8  Allah knows what every female carries and what the wombs lose (prematurely) or exceed, and everything with Him is in due measure—
13:9  the Knower of the hidden realm and the manifest; the Supreme, the Highly Exalted.
13:10  It is the same: whether one of you speaks secretly or aloud, whether he goes into hiding by night or goes out by day.
13:11  For each one there is a succession (of angels) before him and behind him, preserving him from Allah’s command. Indeed, Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is within themselves. And if Allah wants an evil for a people, there is no turning it back, and apart from Him they have no guardian.
13:12  It is He who shows youpl the lightening, (causing) fear and ardent hope, and He produces the heavy clouds.
13:13  And the thunder exalts Him with praise, and so do the angels out of fear of Him. And He sends the thunderbolts, striking with them whomever He wills. Yet they argue about Allah, while He is stern in His plan.
13:14  To Him belongs the call of truth, while those they call upon apart from Him do not respond to them with anything, except as someone who stretches his hands towards water so that it may reach his mouth, but never will it reach it. Thus the call of the deniers can only go astray.
13:15  And to Allah prostrates whoever is in the heavens and the earth, willingly or reluctantly, as do their shadows in the mornings and before sunset.
13:16  Saysg, “Who is the Lord of the heavens and the earth?” Say, “Allah.” Say, “Have you taken apart from Him protectors who have no power to benefit or harm (even) themselves?” Say, “Are the blind and the seeing equal? Or are darkness and light equal? Or have they set up to Allah associates who created the like of His creation, so that their creation is indistinguishable to them from His? Say, “Allah is the Creator of everything, and He is the One, the Subduer.”
13:17  He sent down water from the sky, so valleys flowed—each according to its capacity—and the current carried swelling froth. And from what they burn in fire, seeking to make ornaments or utensils, comes a similar froth. Thus Allah exemplifies truth and falsehood: so as for the froth—it fades away, and as for what benefits mankind—it remains in the earth; thus Allah sets forth parables.
13:18  For those who have responded to their Lord is the best (reward), but those who have not responded to Him—if they possessed whatever is in the earth, all together and twice as much, they would indeed offer to ransom themselves with it. For those is an evil reckoning, for their shelter is Hell, and what a miserable resting place!
13:19  Is someone who knows that what was sent down to you from your Lord is the truth like someone who is blind? Indeed, only those endowed with understanding remind themselves—
13:20  those who fulfill Allah's covenant and do not violate the pledge;
13:21  and those who join what Allah has commanded to be joined and are in awe of their Lord and fear evil reckoning;
13:22  and those who endured patiently, seeking their Lord's countenance, and established the prayers and spent of what We provided them, secretly and publicly, and who repel an evil deed with a good deed; for those is the Ultimate Dwelling:
13:23  everlasting Gardens which they enter, along with whoever was righteous of their forefathers and their spouses and their offspring(s), while the angels enter upon them from every gate.
13:24  “Peace be upon youpl for all you have endured patiently, so how excellent is the Ultimate Dwelling!”
13:25  And those who violate the covenant of Allah after pledging it, and sever what Allah has commanded to be joined and spread corruption in the land—those, for them there is the curse, and for them there is the Very Evil Home.
13:26  Allah extends provision for whomever He wills and He restrains (it). And they rejoiced with the Earlier Life, yet the Earlier Life, compared to the Hereafter, is nothing but (a brief) enjoyment.
13:27  And those who have denied say, “If only a sign would be sent down to him from his Lord?” Say, “Indeed, Allah leads astray whomever He wills, and He guides to Himself whoever has turned penitent:
13:28  those who have attained faith and whose hearts become serene with the remembrance of Allah. Undoubtedly, it is indeed in the remembrance of Allah that hearts find comfort.”
13:29  Those who have attained faith and have done righteous deeds—for them is blessedness and a beautiful place to return to.
13:30  Thus We have sent yousg among a community before which other communities have passed away, that you may read to them what We have revealed to you, while they deny the All-Merciful. Say, “He is my Lord; there is no god but He; in Him I have placed my trust and to Him is my repentance.”
13:31  And even if there had been a Recital by which mountains were made to move or by which the land was cut up or by which the dead were spoken to…. Rather, to Allah belongs all command. Have those who have attained faith not yet given up and realized that if Allah wills, He can guide all mankind? And shocking events continue to afflict those who have denied—on account of what they have done—or fall near their home, until Allah’s promise comes true; indeed, Allah never breaks a promise.
13:32  And very truly messengers before you were ridiculed, so I reprieved the deniers then I seized them, so how was My punishment?
13:33  Is the One Who is watchful over what every single self has earned…? Yet they set up associates to Allah. Say, “Namepl them! Or are you to inform Him as to what He knows not in the earth? Or is it a show of words?” Rather, the scheming of those who have denied has been adorned for them, and they were barred from the way. And whomever Allah leads astray, no guide shall there ever be for him.
13:34  For them is a punishment in the Earlier Life, but the punishment of the Hereafter is harsher, for they have no shield from Allah.
13:35  The likeness of the Garden promised to those mindful (of God): rivers flow beneath it; its crops are perpetual, and so is its shade. Such is the ultimate outcome for those who were mindful, while the ultimate outcome for the deniers is the Fire.
13:36  And those whom We have brought the Scripture rejoice at what was sent down to you, while of the parties are those who reject parts of it. Saysg, “Indeed, I have only been commanded to worship Allah and to never associate (anything) with Him; to Him I call and to Him is my return.”
13:37  And thus We have sent it down as an Arabic code of law. Thus, were yousg to follow their whims after the knowledge that has come to you, you would have against Allah neither guardian nor shield.
13:38  And most surely, We have sent messengers before you and We assigned for them spouses and offspring, and never was it for a messenger to come with a sign except by Allah's leave. For every term there is a decreed term.
13:39  Allah erases whatever He decides and He keeps (whatever He decides), and with Him is the source of the Scripture.
13:40  Whether We show you some of what We have promised them or take you at death, your duty is indeed mere proclamation, while Ours is the reckoning.
13:41  Do they not see how We approach the land, diminishing it from its edges? Thus Allah judges; nothing can hold back His judgment, and He is Swift in reckoning.
13:42  And the ones who came before them had schemed (as well), yet to Allah belongs all scheming; He knows what every single self earns. And the deniers will know to whom belongs the Ultimate Dwelling.
13:43  And those who have denied say, “Yousg are not an emissary.” Say, “Sufficient is Allah as a witness between me and you, and so is whoever has the knowledge of the Scripture.”