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13:1  Alif Lam Meem Ra’. These are the verses of the Book that’s come down to you from your Lord; it is the truth, but many people don’t believe.
13:2  It is Allah Who raised the sky without any pillars that you can see; He established His throne of authority, and made the sun and the moon subject to His will, each one orbiting until it sets at an appointed time. He manages the running of the universe, and explains the signs of creation so you are convinced of meeting Him.
13:3  He laid out the land with mountains and running rivers, produced fruits in pairs, and covered the day by the darkness of the night. Surely, in this are signs for insightful people.
13:4  There are neighbouring plots, vineyards, fields and palms, growing either in clusters or standing alone; all are fed by the same water, yet some are better to eat than others. Surely, in this are signs for people who understand
13:5  If you are amazed at anything, then what is more amazing than their slogan: “How can we be created anew once we have turned to dust?” They disbelieve their Lord. Such people shall have iron collars around their necks, and they’ll be the companions of the Fire, remaining there forever.
13:6  They challenge you to hasten what is bad for them instead asking for what is good, even though many exemplary punishments have happened before them. Without doubt, your Lord is ever willing to forgive people their evil. But your Lord is also severe in His punishment.
13:7  The disbelievers say, “If only a miraculous sign were to come down to him from His Lord.” You are a warner, and there was a guide for every nation
13:8  Allah knows what every female carries, even the shrinking and the swelling of the wombs. Everything is calculated with precision for Him,
13:9  the Knower of the seen and unseen realms, the Great, the Highest.
13:10  Whether you call out quietly or loudly, or whether one tries to hide in the darkness of the night or walk in the broad daylight its all the same for Him.
13:11  A chain of angels in front and behind him is assigned by Allah to watch over him. Allah never changes the condition of a nation until they change what is in themselves, and if Allah wanted to destroy people, no one could stop Him, and they would have no protector besides Him.
13:12  He displays the lightning which stirs fear and hope in you as He causes the heavy clouds to build up.
13:13  Likewise the roaring thunder glorifies His praise, and the angels too glorify Him out of awe of Him, and He sends thunderbolts, striking anyone He wants, as they continue to argue about Allah, He is Mighty in power
13:14  A true prayer is for Him alone. Those they pray to besides Him never answer, they’re like a person who stretches out his hands to catch water to put into his mouth, but it doesn’t reach it. The disbelievers’ prayer is ineffective.
13:15  All things in the Heavens and the Earth worship Allah willingly or unwillingly, just as their shadows in the morning and the late afternoon do
13:16  Say: “Who is Lord of the Heavens and the Earth?” Say: “It’s Allah.” Say: “Have you adopted protectors besides Him that lack the power either to benefit or harm even themselves?” Say to them: “Are the blind and the sighted equal, or is darkness and light the same?” Or have they assigned partners to Allah who have created something so like His creation, so this creation of theirs appears indistinguishable to them? Say: “Allah is the Creator of everything, and He is the One, the Compelling.
13:17  He brings rain from the sky that flood the valleys, as the flash flood flows carrying away the surface froth, and from the ores that blacksmiths smelt in the fire to make jewellery and tools, a similar froth appears. This is how Allah illustrates truth and falsehood. The froth is carried away like garbage, but the useful minerals remain in the Earth for people. This is how Allah gives examples.
13:18  An excellent reward awaits those who have responded to their Lord, but those who ignored Him, even if they owned everything on Earth twice over, they would try to ransom themselves with it. They’ll have an evil reckoning, and remain in Hell, a dreadful resting place
13:19  Can the one who knows the truthfulness of what’s revealed to you by Your Lord be compared to the blind? Only the understanding will note the warning.
13:20  They fulfil their contract with Allah and don’t break their pledge,
13:21  they maintain the ties of kinship as instructed by Allah, fear their Lord, afraid of an evil reckoning,
13:22  and are steadfast in seeking their Lord’s pleasure, performing the prayer, spending in charity openly and secretly from what We have provided them, and warding off evil with good – their reward is a home in Paradise.
13:23  They’ll walk into the gardens of Paradise accompanied by their righteous forefathers, spouses and children. The angels will greet and welcome them from every gate,
13:24  saying, “Peace be on you for your steadfastness.” How excellent is the reward of a home in Paradise?
13:25  However, those who break their contract with Allah after making a solemn pledge, and sever the ties of kinship Allah has ordered to be maintained, and spread corruption in the land are cursed, and theirs is a miserable home
13:26  Allah allocates sustenance to all as He pleases, measuring it with care. They are delighted with worldly life, yet it is only a passing pleasure compared to the Hereafter.
13:27  The disbelievers say, “Why doesn’t a miraculous sign come down to him from his Lord.” Say: “Allah allows some to go astray, but He guides to Himself anyone who repents:
13:28  those who believe, their hearts will find peace in Allah’s remembrance.” The fact is, hearts find peace in the remembrance of Allah!
13:29  Blessed are those who believe and perform righteous deeds, for them is the best place of return
13:30  This is why We’ve sent you to be among a community like many that have passed away, to recite what We have revealed to you, while they continue denying the Kind Lord. Say: “He is my Lord; there is no god but Him. I place my trust in Him, and I turn in repentance to Him.”
13:31  If ever there was a Quran to move the mountains, or to tear down the Earth, or to make dead speak, it would be this one. Indeed, Allah has complete control of the universe. Haven’t the believers realised, if Allah wanted, He could guide the whole of humanity? The disbelievers will continue to be afflicted by tragedy because of what they’ve done, or else it will strike near their homes until Allah’s promise is fulfilled. Allah does not break His promise
13:32  Messengers before you were mocked, the disbelievers were given a brief respite and then I would seize them. How terrible was My punishment!
13:33  Is He Who oversees every person and what it does comparable to anything? And they attribute partners to Allah. Say: “Name them. Do you pretend to inform Him of something on this Earth that He doesn’t know, or is this just play with words?” Their plots appear attractive to the disbelievers, as they block the path of Allah, but those Allah lets to go stray will have no guide.
13:34  They’ll be punished in this life, but the punishment of the Hereafter will be more severe, and they will have no one to protect them from Allah.
13:35  What has been promised to those who are wakeful of Allah is like a garden under which rivers flow, and whose supply of food and shade is endless. This is the reward of those who are mindful of Allah, whereas the reward for disbelievers will be the Fire
13:36  Those to whom We gave the Book, the Jews and Christians, are delighted at what is revealed to you, though among their groups are those who deny some of it. Say: “I’ve been ordered to worship Allah and not associate anyone with Him. I call to Him, and I’ll return to Him.”
13:37  This is how We revealed the Quran with laws in Arabic. If after receiving such knowledge you follow their desires, then you will have no helper or protector against Allah
13:38  We sent messengers before you, and gave them wives and children, they were humans. No messenger produced a miraculous sign without Allah’s approval, and Allah’s decree determines the right time for everything.
13:39  Allah either gets rid of things or keeps them as He pleases, and the Original Decree remains with Him.
13:40  Whether We show you in advance something of what We have threatened them with, or whether We cause you to die first, your duty is to communicate the message, the final reckoning is Ours.
13:41  Haven’t they realised how We are moving forward in the land, shrinking the boundaries of their territory? When Allah decides, no one can reverse it, and He is swift in reckoning.
13:42  Those who lived before them used to plot, but Allah controls every plot, Who knows what every person will earn. The disbelievers will learn who will have a home in Paradise.
13:43  The disbelievers say, “You aren’t a messenger.” Say: “Allah and those who have knowledge of the Book are a sufficient witness for me and you.”In the name of Allah, the Kind, the Caring