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13:1  Alif Lam Meem Ra, these are the verses of the Book, and what has been sent down to you from your Lord is the Truth, yet most people will not believe.
13:2  It is God Who has raised the heavens without any visible supports and then He settled on the Throne of His majesty. He has made the sun and the moon subservient [to His laws], each ordained by Him to run its course for an appointed time. He governs everything that exists. He clearly explains these messages, so that you can be sure that you are destined to meet your Lord [on Judgment Day].
13:3  He has spread the earth wide, placed firm mountains and running waters on it, and created two of every kind of fruit , [and He] causes the night to cover the day. Surely there are messages in all of this for people to contemplate.
13:4  There are, on earth, neighboring plots, gardens of vineyards, crops, date palm trees sharing the same root or alone. They are all watered with the same water, yet We make some better tasting than others. Surely there are messages in all of this for people who use their reason
13:5  And if you are astonished [at God's creation], then it is [equally] astonishing to hear them [doubters] say, "Once we are dust, will we [really] be created anew?" These are the ones who have denied the truth about their Lord, and who will have shackles around their necks, and are in the fire, where they will reside eternally.
13:6  They [the unbelievers] challenge you [Prophet], to hasten evil [in preference to] good, even though [they should know that] examples of punishments have [readily] occurred before. Your Lord is full of forgiveness for people in spite of their wrongdoing; nonetheless, your Lord is [also] severe in retribution.
13:7  And the unbelievers say, "Why has a sign not been sent down to him from his Lord?" You [Prophet] are there only to give warning, and for every people there has been a guide.
13:8  God knows what every female bears and what the wombs carry for a shorter or a longer term. And everything with Him has a due measure.
13:9  [He is] Knower of all that is beyond human's perception, as well as all that can be witnessed by humans, the Grand, the Exalted.
13:10  It is the same [to Him] whether one among you will conceal [his] speech or speak openly, and whether one is hidden by night or conspicuous [among others] by day.
13:11  Each [person] has [angels arrayed] before and behind him to protect him by God's command. God does not change the condition of a people unless they change what is in themselves. And when God intends ill for a people, there is no avoiding it. Apart from Him, they have no protector.
13:12  It is He Who shows you lightning, [causing] fear and hope, and [Who] generates the heavy clouds.
13:13  The thunder glorifies and praises Him-as do the angels-in awe of Him. He sends thunderbolts and with them strikes whom He wills. Yet, they stubbornly argue about God, while He alone has the power to do whatever He wills.
13:14  True prayer is to Him alone, and those who call upon anyone besides Him receive no response. [They are] like one who stretches his hands toward water hoping for it to reach his mouth, but it will not reach him. And the prayers of the unbelievers are simply lost.
13:15  Everything in heaven and on earth submits to God, willingly or unwillingly, as do their shadows in the mornings and the evenings.
13:16  Say, "Who is Lord of the heavens and earth?" Say, "God." Say, "Why do you then take protectors besides Him, who can neither benefit nor harm even themselves?" Say, "Are the blind the same as those who see? Or is ignorance equivalent to enlightenment?" Or, do they assign to God partners who have created a creation like His, so that the two creations appear similar to them? Say, "God is the Creator of all things, and He is the One, the All-Compelling."
13:17  He sends rain down from the sky and watercourses flow according to their capacity, and the torrent carries rising foam-like the foam that appears when people melt metal with fire to make ornaments or utensils. Thus God depicts Truth and falsehood. As for the foam, it vanishes, [being] cast off, but that which benefits human beings remains behind. In this way God presents analogies.
13:18  Those who respond to their Lord will [have] the best [reward], but those who do not respond to Him-[even] if they had all that is in the earth, and as much again-would give it to ransom themselves. They have terribly miscalculated; Hell will be their dwelling, a most evil place.
13:19  Can the one who knows that what has been revealed to you from your Lord is the Truth be like one who is blind? Only people who are endowed with insight will keep this in mind.
13:20  Those who fulfill their commitment to God and do not break the covenant;
13:21  and those who join what God has ordered to be joined, and are in awe of their Lord, and fear a dire Reckoning;
13:22  and those who are patient, seeking the pleasure of their Lord, and establish prayer, and spend [both] secretly and publicly from what We have provided for them, and prevent evil with good-these will have the best reward, the Ultimate [Heavenly] Home,
13:23  the Gardens of Eden. Which they will enter with whoever was righteous among their forefathers, their spouses, and their descendants. The angels will go to them from every gate, [saying],
13:24  "Peace be upon you for what you patiently endured. How excellent is your Ultimate Home!"
13:25  But those who break the covenant of God after agreeing to it, and sever that which God has ordered to be joined, and spread corruption on earth-for them is the curse, and they will have the Worst Home [in Hell].
13:26  God extends or restricts sustenance to whom He wills. They rejoice in the life of this world, but it is simply a passing pleasure compared to the Hereafter.
13:27  And the unbelievers say, "Why has a sign not been sent down to him from his Lord?" Say, "God lets go astray him who wills as He guides to Himself whoever turns [to Him].
13:28  Those who have believed and whose hearts are assured by the remembrance of God. Truly, hearts find peace only in the remembrance of God."
13:29  Those who have believed and done righteous deeds-joy and a blessed [final] return will await them.
13:30  Thus, We have sent you [Prophet] into a community that rejects the Merciful-to-all, to recite to them what We have revealed to you, [as we have sent other prophets] before to other communities who have come and gone Say, "He [The Merciful] is my Lord; there is no God except Him. I put my trust in Him, and to Him I will return."
13:31  Even if there were a Qur'an which moved mountains or shattered the earth or the dead made to speak [they would not believe]. In fact God alone decides about all matters. Do the believers not know that, had God willed, He would have guided all human beings? As for the unbelievers-calamity will not cease to strike them for what they have done, nor [cease] to descend near their home[s], until the promise of God is fulfilled. God does not fail to keep His promise.
13:32  Messengers before you were ridiculed. I gave the unbelievers a little more time, and then I seized them. How terrible was My punishment.
13:33  Is He who cares for every soul, according to what It deserves, [like any other?] And yet, they still associate partners to Him. Say, "Name them. Do you presume to tell Him something that He does not already know about the earth, or is this an empty display of words?" Rather, the unbelievers' ploy has been made to seem attractive to them, and so they have been diverted from the right path. Whomever God allows to stray, there will be no guide for him.
13:34  For them will be punishment in the life of [this] world, but the punishment of the Hereafter is more severe. And they will not have any protector from God.
13:35  The likeness of Paradise, which the righteous have been promised: rivers flow through it, [and its] fruit and shade are everlasting. Such is the reward for the righteous, and the reward for the unbelievers is the Fire.
13:36  Those to whom We gave the Book rejoice at what has been sent down to you, but some of the opposing factions deny part of it. Say, "I have been commanded to worship God alone and not to associate anything with Him. To Him I invite others, and to Him I shall return."
13:37  And thus We have revealed it as an Arabic code of law. And if you should follow [your people's] whims and desires after knowledge has come to you, you would not have any ally or any protector from God.
13:38  We have already sent messengers before you and assigned to them wives and descendants. No messenger came with a sign except by permission of God. For every time period there has been a [suitable] revelation.
13:39  God eliminates or confirms [His earlier revelations] [as] He wills, and with Him is the source of all revelation.
13:40  And whether We show you part of what We promise them [those who reject God] or cause you to die [before that time], your only responsibility is to deliver the message. Ours is [to deliver] the reckoning.
13:41  Have they not seen how We deal with the earth, eroding it at its extremities? God decides; no one can modify His decision. He is swift in calling to account.
13:42  And those [who lived] before them [your people who reject God] schemed [against God's Messengers], but the ultimate scheme belongs to God. He knows what every soul earns, and the unbelievers will soon know to whom the future belongs.
13:43  And those who have denied the truth say, "You are not a messenger." Say, "God is a sufficient Witness between you and me, and so is anyone else who has knowledge of the Book."