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13:1  Alif. Lam. Mim. Ra. These are the verses of the Book. And that which is sent down unto thee from thy Lord is the truth, but most of the people believe not
13:2  Allah it is who hath raised the heavens without pillars that ye can see, then He established Himself on the throne, and subjected the sun and the moon, each running unto a period determined. He disposeth the affair, and detaileth the signs, that haply of the meeting with your Lord ye may be convinced
13:3  And He it is who hath stretched forth the earth, and placed therein firm mountains and rivers; and of every fruit he hath placed therein two in pairs. He covereth the night with the day; verily therein are signs for a people who ponder
13:4  And in the earth are regions neighbouring and gardens of vines and cornfields, and palm-trees clustered and single, watered by the same water; yet some We make to excel others in food. Verily therein are signs for a people who reflect
13:5  And shouldst thou marvel, then marvellous is their saying: when we have become dust, shall we be in a new creation! ' These are they who disbelieved in their Lord; and these ! -- the shackles round their necks; and these shall be the fellows of the Fire as abiders therein
13:6  And they ask thee to hasten the evil before the good, while examples have already gone forth afore them. And thy Lord is Owner of forgiveness unto mankind despite their wrong-doing; and verily thy Lord is severe in requita
13:7  And those who disbelieve say: wherefore is not a sign sent down unto him from his Lord! Thou art but a warner; and unto every people there is a guide
13:8  Allah knoweth that which each female beareth and that which the wombs want and that which they exceed, and with Him everything is in due measure
13:9  Knower of the hidden and the manifest! the Great! the Exalted
13:10  Equal unto him is he among you who hideth the word and he who publisheth it, and he who hideth himself in the night and he who goeth about freely in the day
13:11  For him are angels in succession, before him and behind him; they guard him with Allah's command. Verily Allah altereth not that which is with a people until they alter that which is with themselves. And when Allah intendeth evil unto a people there is no turning it back; nor is for them, beside Him, any patron
13:12  He It is who sheweth the lightning unto you for fear and for desire, and bringeth up the clouds heavy
13:13  And the thunder halloweth His praise, and so do the angels in awe of Him; and He sendeth the thunderbolts and smiteth therewith whomsoever He will. And they dispute concerning Allah, and He is strong in prowess
13:14  Unto Him is the true call, and those whom they call upon beside Him answer them not at all, save as is answered one stretching out his palms to water that it may reach his mouth, while it will reach it not. And the supplication of the infidels only goeth astray
13:15  And unto Allah prostrateth himself whosoever is in the heavens and the earth, willingly or of constraint, and also thir shadows in the moring and the evenings
13:16  Say thou: who in the Lord of the heavens and the earth Say thou: Allah. Say thou: have ye then taken beside Him patrons who own not to themselves benefit nor hurt! Say thou: are the blind and the seer equal? Or, the darknesses and light equal? Or have they set up associates unto Allah, who have created even as He hath created, so that the Creation hath become dubious unto them! Say thou: Allah is the Creator of everything; and He is the One, the Subduer
13:17  He sendeth down water from the heaven, so that the valleys flow according to their measure; then the torrent beareth the scum on top, and from that over which they kindle a fire seeking ornament or goods- ariseth a scum like thereto: Thus doth Allah propound the truth and falsity. Then as for the scum, it departeth as rubbish, and as for that which benefiteth the mankind, it lasteth on the earth: Thus doth Allah propound the similitudes
13:18  For these who answer their Lord is ordained good. And those who answer not their Lord--if they had all that is in the earth, and therewith the like thereof, they would ransom themselves therewith. These! for them shall be an evil reckoning; and their resort is Hell, a hapless bed
13:19  Shall he then who knoweth that which is sent down unto thee is the truth be like unto him who is blind! Only the men of understanding are admonishe
13:20  Those who fulfil the covenant of Allah, and violate not the bond
13:21  And those who enjoin that which Allah hath commanded to be enjoined, and fear their Lord, and dread the evil reckoning
13:22  And those who persevere seeking the countenance of their Lord and establish prayer, and expend out of that wherewith We have provided them, secretly and openly, and combat evil with good. These! for them is the happy end in the Abode
13:23  Gardens Everlasting; they shall enter them, and also whosoever shall have acted righteously from among their fathers and their spouses and their progeny. And angels shall enter unto them from every portal, saying
13:24  Peace be upOn you for ye patiently persevered. Excellent then is the happy end in the Abode
13:25  And those who violate the covenant of Allah after the ratification thereof, and sunder that which Allah hath commanded to be conjoined, and act corruptly in the earth--these! unto them is a curse, and unto them shall be the evil Abode
13:26  Allah enlargeth the provision for whomsoever He Willeth and , stinteth. And they exult in the life of the world, whereas the life of the world, by the side of the Hereafter, is only a Passing enjoyment
13:27  And those who disbelieve say: wherefore is not a sign sent down unto him from his Lord! Say thou: verily Allah sendeth astray whomsoever He will and guideth unto Himself whosoever turnoth in penitence-
13:28  They are those who believe and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of Allah. Lo! in the remembrance of Allah hearts do find rest
13:29  Those who believe and work righteous works, for them is bliss and a happy resort
13:30  Thus We have sent thee unto a community before whom other communities have passed away, in order that thou mayest recite unto them that which We have Revealed unto thee; yet they disbelieve in the Compassionate. Say thou: He is my Lord, there is no god but he; on Him I rely, and unto Him is my return in penitence
13:31  And if there were a Qur'an whereby the mountains could be moved or Whereby the earth could be traversed or whereby the dead could be spoken to, it would be in vain. Aye! the affair belongeth to Allah entirely. Have not then those who believe yet known that had Allah willed, He would have guided all mankind! And a rattling adversity ceaseth not to befall those who disbelieve for that which they have wrought or to alight nigh unto their habitation. until Allah's promise cometh; verily Allah faileth not the tryst
13:32  And assuredly mocked were apostles before thee; then I respited those who disbelieved; thereafter took hold of them; so of what wise hath been My requital
13:33  Is He, then, who is ever standing over every soul with that which he earneth, like unto other! And yet they have set up associates unto Allah. Say thou: name them; would ye inform Him of that which He knoweth not on the earth? or is it by way of outward saying? Aye! fair-seeming unto those who disbelieve is made their plotting, and they have been hindered from the way.And whomsoever sendeth astray, for him there is no guide
13:34  For them is torment in the life of the Word, and surely the torment of the Hereafter is harder; and from Allah there is for them no protector
13:35  The case of the Garden which hath been promised unto the God-fearing: rivers flow thereunder; fruit thereof is perpetual, and so is thes hade thereof. This is the ending of those who fear; and the ending of the infidels is the Fire
13:36  They unto whom We vouchsafed the Book rejoice at that which hath been sent down unto thee; and of their bands are some who deny some of it. Say thou: have only been commanded that: should worship Allah and should associate not with Him. Unto Him I call, and unto Him is my return
13:37  And Thus We have sent it down as a judgment in Arabic, And surely wert thou to follow their vain desires, after that which hath come to thee of knowledge, thou wilt not have against Allah any patron or protector
13:38  And assuredly We sent apostles before thee and We made for them wives and progeny and it is not for an apostle to Produce a verse except by the command of Allah; for everv time there is a Book
13:39  Allah abolisheth whatsoever He Will and keepeth; and with Him is the mother of the Book
13:40  And whether We shew thee part of that which We have promised them, or We take thee away, on thee is only the preaching, and on Us is the reckoning
13:41  Behold they not that We visit the landj diminishing it by the borders thereof Allah judgeth, and there is no reviser of His judgment; and He is swift in reckoning
13:42  And of a surety there plotted those before them; but unto Allah belongeth the plotting entirely. He knoweth that which each soul earneth.And anon will the infidels know for whom is the happy ending of the Abode
13:43  And those who disbelieve say: thou art not a sent one. Say thou: Allah is a sufficient witness between me and you, and also he with whom is knowledge of the Book