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13:1  Alif. Lam. Mim. Ra. These are the verses of the Book. Whatever is revealed to you from your Lord is the Truth, but most people do not believe
13:2  God is the One Who raised the heavens without a pillar as you can see. Then He established his control over the realm and made the sun and moon subservient to Him. Each of them will remain in motion for an appointed time. He regulates all affairs and explains the evidence (of His existence) so that perhaps you will be certain of your meeting with your Lord
13:3  It is God who spread out the earth and fixed mountains and placed rivers therein. He made a pair of every fruit and made the night cover the day. All this is evidence (of the existence of God) for the people who think
13:4  In the earth there are adjacent pieces of land, vineyards, farms, date-palms of single and many roots which are all watered by the same water. We have made some yield a better food than others. All this is evidence (of the existence of God) for the people who understand
13:5  If there is anything to make you wonder, it would be the words of those who say, "When we become dust, shall we be brought back to life again?" They are disbelievers in their Lord and will wear heavy fetters around their necks. They are the dwellers of the hell fire wherein they will live forever
13:6  They ask you to bring upon them punishment before they ask you for mercy. Such punishments were already brought upon the people who lived before them. Your Lord, certainly, has forgiveness for the injustice of the people. He is also stern in His retribution
13:7  The unbelievers say, "Why has God not sent him, (Muhammad), some miracles." (Muhammad), you are only a warner. For every nation there is a guide
13:8  God knows well what every female conceives. He knows what the wombs spoil and dispose of. In His plans everything has been designed proportionately
13:9  He knows all the unseen and seen. He is the most Great and High
13:10  It is all the same to Him whether you speak in secret or out loud, try to hide in the darkness of night or walk in the brightness of day
13:11  Everyone is guarded and protected on all sides by the order of God. God does not change the condition of a nation unless it changes what is in its heart. When God wants to punish a people, there is no way to escape from it and no one besides God will protect them from it
13:12  It is God who flashes lightning to frighten you and to give you hope. It is He who forms the heavy clouds
13:13  Both the thunder and the angels glorify Him and out of His fear always praise Him. He sends down thunder-bolts to strike whomever He wants, while they are busy arguing about the existence of God. His punishment is stern
13:14  Prayer to Him is the true prayer. Those to whom they pray instead of God will answer none of their prayers. It is as though one stretches his hands out to the water that can never reach his mouth. The prayers of the unbelievers will get nowhere
13:15  All in the heavens and the earth prostrate themselves before God, either of their own free will or by force, just as do their shadows in the mornings and evenings
13:16  (Muhammad), ask them, "Who is the Lord of the heavens and the earth?" Say, "It is God." Ask them, "Why then have you taken guardians other than God when such guardians can neither benefit nor harm themselves?" Ask them, "Are the seeing and the blind equal? Is light equal to darkness?" Do they consider that their idols have created anything like that of God, thus, both creations appear to them to be alike?" Say, "God alone is the Creator of all things and He is the One, the All-Dominant."
13:17  When God sends down water from the sky and floods run through the valleys, certain quantities of foam rise on the surface of the flood water. This is similar to that foam which rises when you expose something to the heat of a fire to manufacture ornaments or for other reasons. To God Truth and falsehood are like these examples. The foam disappears but what is profitable to the human being stays in the land. Thus, does God coin His parables
13:18  Those who answer the call of their Lord will receive good rewards. Whatever those who have not answered the call of their Lord offer to redeem themselves, even if they offer double the wealth of the whole earth, will not be accepted. They will face a terrible reckoning and their dwelling will be hell, a terrible place to rest
13:19  Can a person, who knows that what is revealed to you from your Lord is the truth, be considered equal to a blind person? Only those who have understanding take heed
13:20  Those who fulfill their promise to and covenant with God
13:21  who maintain all the proper relations that God has commanded them to maintain, who have fear of their Lord and the hardships of the Day of Judgment
13:22  who exercise patience to gain God's pleasure, who are steadfast in prayer, who spend for the cause of God privately and in public, and who keep away evil with good will have a blissful end
13:23  They will be admitted to the gardens of Eden wherein they will live forever with their righteous fathers, spouses, and offspring. The angels will come to them through every gat
13:24  saying, "Peace be with you for all that you have patiently endured. Blessed is the reward of Paradise."
13:25  Those who disregard their covenant with God after He has taken such a pledge from them, who sever the proper relations that God has commanded them to establish, and those who spread evil in the land will have God's condemnation instead of reward and will face the most terrible end
13:26  God gives abundant sustenance to whomever He wants and determines everyone's destiny. Some people are very happy with the worldly life. Compared to the life to come it is only a temporary means
13:27  The unbelievers say, "Why have not some miracles been sent to him, (Muhammad), from his Lord." Say, "God causes whomever He wants to go astray and He guides those who turn to Him in repentanc
13:28  and the faithful ones whose hearts are comforted by the remembrance of God. Remembrance of God certainly brings comfort to all hearts
13:29  The righteously striving believers will receive abundant blessings and the best eternal dwelling
13:30  We have sent you to a nation before whom there lived many nations so that you would read to them what We have revealed to you. They still deny the existence of the Beneficent God. Say, "He is my Lord besides whom there is no other God. I trust Him and turn to Him in repentance."
13:31  Even if the Quran would make mountains move, cut the earth into pieces and make the dead able to speak, (the unbelievers still would not believe). All affairs are in the hands of God. Do the believers still hope that they will believe? Had God wanted he could have guided the whole of mankind to the right path. The unbelievers will always suffer afflictions that result from their deeds or the affliction which occur near their homes, until God's promise of punishing them will be fulfilled. God does not disregard His promise
13:32  (Muhammad), people have mocked the Messengers who lived before you. I gave a respite to the unbelievers (so that they would repent, but they did not). Then I struck them with a terrible retribution
13:33  (Can anyone be considered equal to) the One who is the Guardian of every soul and the Watcher of what it has gained? Yet, the unbelievers have considered their idols equal to God. Say, "Name the attributes of your idols. Are you trying to tell God about something that does not exist on the earth? Do you only mention empty names? Evil plans have attracted the unbelievers and have misled them from the right path. No one can guide those whom God has caused to go astray
13:34  The unbelievers will face torment in this world and their punishment in the life hereafter will be even greater. No one can save them from the wrath of God
13:35  The gardens which have been promised to the pious have flowing streams, everlasting fruits, and perpetual shade. Such is the blissful end of the pious, but hell fire is the terrible end for the unbelievers
13:36  The People of the Book are happy with what has been revealed to you. Among the different parties, there are some who dislike part of what has been revealed to you. (Muhammad), tell them, "I have been commanded to worship God alone, not to consider anything equal to Him. To Him do I pray and to Him shall I return."
13:37  We revealed it (the Quran) as a code of conduct in the Arabic language. (Muhammad), if you follow their desires after the knowledge has been revealed to you, know that no one will be able to guard or protect you from the wrath of God
13:38  We sent Messengers before you (Muhammad) and gave them wives and offspring. No Messenger was to show miracles without the permission of God
13:39  For every event God has ordained His decree. God establishes or effaces whatever He wants and with Him is the original of the Book
13:40  Whether We show them (the unbelievers) to you facing the punishment with which We had threatened them, or make you die first (before its fulfillment), your duty is only to preach. It is up to Us to call them to account (for their deeds)
13:41  Have they not considered that We have taken over the land and reduced its borders? It is God who issues the irreversible decree and His reckoning is swift
13:42  Certain people who lived before plotted evil plans but God is the Master of all plans. He knows what every soul does. The unbelievers will soon learn who will achieve the blissful end
13:43  (Muhammad), the unbelievers say, "You are not a Messenger." Say, "God and those who have the knowledge of the Book are sufficient witness (to my prophethood)."