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73:1  O you wrapped in garments (Muhammad)!
73:2  Stand to pray all night, except a little,
73:3  half of it or a little less than that,
73:4  or add to it (little more), and recite the Qur’an in a slow, (pleasant tone) style.
73:5  Surely, We shall soon send down to you a weighty Word (obligations).
73:6  Surely, the rising by night (for Tahajjud prayer) is very hard, most potent, and most suitable (to understand) for the Word (of Qur’an),
73:7  surely, during the day there is prolonged occupation for you with ordinary duties.
73:8  And remember the Name of your Lord and devote yourself to Him with a complete devotion.
73:9  He is the Lord of the east and the west: there is no one worthy of worship but He. So take Him alone as your Guardian.
73:10  And be patient (O Muhammad) with what they say and keep away from them, withdraw (leave) in a good way.
73:11  And leave Me alone to deal with the deniers who are in possession of good things of life. Give them respite for a little while.
73:12  Surely, We have fetters (in store to bind them) and a raging fire,
73:13  and a food that chokes, and a painful punishment.
73:14  On the Day when the earth and the mountains will be in a violent shake, the mountains will be a heap of sand poured out and flowing.
73:15  Surely, We have sent to you (O mankind) a Messenger (Muhammad) to be a witness over you, as We sent a Messenger (Moses) to Pharaoh.
73:16  But Pharaoh disobeyed the Messenger (Moses); so We seized him with a severe seize.
73:17  If you disbelieve, how will you avoid the punishment on that Day (of Resurrection) which will turn the children grey-headed (old),
73:18  the heaven will split asunder? His Promise will certainly be fulfilled
73:19  Surely, this is an admonition, so let them who will, take a way to their Lord!
73:20  Surely, your Lord knows that you stand (to pray at night) a little less than 2/3rd of the night, or ½ of the night, or 1/3rd of the night, also a party of those with you. And Allah measures the night and the day. He knows that you can never calculate it (unable to pray the whole night), so He has turned to you (in Mercy). So, recite from the Qur’an as much as may be easy for you. He knows that there may be some sick among you, and some others who travel through the land to seek Allah’s Bounty; and yet, some others who fight in Allah’s cause. So recite as much of it (Qur’an) as may be easy for you, establish prayer, pay obligatory charity, and lend to Allah a goodly loan. And whatever good you will send before you (leave the world) for yourselves, you will certainly find it with Allah, which is better and greater in reward. And seek the forgiveness of Allah. Surely, Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.