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73:1  O thou enwrapped in thy robes
73:2  keep vigil the night, except a littl
73:3  (a half of it, or diminish a little
73:4  or add a little), and chant the Koran very distinctly
73:5  Behold, We shall cast upon thee a weighty word
73:6  surely the first part of the night is heavier in tread, more upright in speech
73:7  surely in the day thou hast long business
73:8  And remember the Name of thy Lord, and devote thyself unto Him very devoutly
73:9  Lord of the East and the West; there is no god but He; so take Him for a Guardian
73:10  And bear thou patiently what they say, and forsake them graciously
73:11  Leave Me to those who cry lies, those prosperous ones, and respite them a little
73:12  for with Us there are fetters, and a furnace
73:13  and food that chokes, and a painful chastisement
73:14  upon the day when the earth and the mountains shall quake and the mountains become a slipping heap of sand
73:15  Surely We have sent unto you a Messenger as a witness over you, even as We sent to Pharaoh a Messenger
73:16  but Pharaoh rebelled against the Messenger, so We seized him remorselessly
73:17  If therefore you disbelieve, how will you guard yourselves against a day that shall make the children grey-headed
73:18  Whereby heaven shall be split, and its promise shall be performed
73:19  Surely this is a Reminder; so let him who will take unto his Lord a way
73:20  Thy Lord knows that thou keepest vigil nearly two-thirds of the night, or a half of it, or a third of it, and a party of those with thee; and God determines the night and the day. He knows that you will not number it, and He has turned towards you. Therefore recite of the Koran so much as is feasible. He knows that some of you are sick, and others journeying in the land, seeking the bounty of God, and others fighting in the way of God. So recite of it so much as is feasible. And perform the prayer, and pay the alms, and lend to God a good loan. Whatever good you shall forward to your souls' account, you shall find it with God as better, and mightier a wage. And ask God's forgiveness; God is All-forgiving, All-compassionate