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67:1  Extoled is He in whose hand is the dominion and He it is who has power over everything.
67:2  He who created the death and the life so that He may try you and mark out who among you is most excellent in work and He it is The All-mighty, The Oft-Forgiving.
67:3  He who created seven heavens in layers. You will see no discrepancy in the creation of Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful] therefore turn back the gaze. Do you see any flaw?
67:4  Then return the sight a second time and the sight will come back to you abject while it is weary.
67:5  And We indeed have adorned the lower heaven with lamps and We have made them missiles to pelt the devils away and We have readied for them punishment of the blazing fire.
67:6  And for those who disbelieve in their Lord will be the punishment of the hellfire and how woeful is the place of final coming.
67:7  And when they are cast therein they will hear it groaning while it boils up.
67:8  It almost tears into pieces from the anger. Every time a group is cast therein its keepers will ask them, “Did a warner not come to you?”
67:9  They will say, “Indeed a warner did come unto us but we belied and we said, ‘Allah has sent down nothing and you are but in a misguidance most egregious.’”
67:10  And they will say, “Had we but heard or understood, we would not have been from among the people of the blazing fire.”
67:11  So they confessed their sin therefore far be removed [from Allah’s mercy] the people of the blazing fire.
67:12  Truly those who defer to their Lord from the unseen, for them there is forgiveness and a mighty reward.
67:13  So make your speech secret or make it loud, truly He is all knowing about the inner most essence of the bosoms.
67:14  Does He not know the One who has created while He it is The All-subtle, The All-acquainted?
67:15  It is He who has made the earth for you level so travel in its regions and eat from His sustenance and unto Him is the resurrection.
67:16  Do you feel safe that One who is in the heaven may cause the earth to sink down with you? Lo! You see it trembling.
67:17  Or do you feel safe that One who is in the heaven may send against you a shower of stones? Then soon you will know how was the consequence of My warning.
67:18  And indeed those before them had belied but then how objectionable was My punishment?
67:19  Have they not seen the birds above them unfolding their wings and folding them? Nothing holds them up except Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful]. Truly He is All-seeing about everything.
67:20  And who is this who is an army for you who can help you besides Ar-Rahman[The All-Merciful]? Truly the disbelievers are in nothing but delusion.
67:21  Who is this who can provide for you sustenance if He holds back His provision? Nay! They persist in [their] transgression and rebellion.
67:22  Is He who walks cast down on his face better guided or one who walks straight on a path most upright?
67:23  Say, “He it is who has made you and has appointed for you the hearing and the sights and the hearts.” How little do you offer gratitude.
67:24  Say, “He it is who has proliferated you in the earth and unto Him you shall be gathered.”
67:25  They say, “When will this promise come to pass if you are indeed truthful.”
67:26  Say, “The knowledge is only with Allah and I am but a warner most evident.”
67:27  So when they see it close at hand, the faces of those who disbelieve turn ill and it will be said, “This is that which you used to call for.”
67:28  Say, “If Allah were to destroy me and those with me or grant us mercy, who then can protect the disbelievers from a painful punishment.”
67:29  Say, “That is Ar-Rahman [The All-merciful] We believe in Him and we put our trust in Him and soon you will know who it is who is in misguidance most evident.”
67:30  Say, “See you that if your water some morning got sunken into the earth who then will provide you with fresh water?”