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67:1  Blessed be He in whose hands is the dominion and He is Powerful over everything!
67:2  He Who created death and this life that He try you as to which of you is fairer in action. And He is The Almighty, The Forgiving,
67:3  Who created the seven heavens one on another? Thou hast not seen any imperfection in the creation of The Merciful. Then, return thy sight! Hast thou seen any flaw?
67:4  Again, return thy sight twice again and thy sight will turn about to thee, one that is dazzled while it is weary.
67:5  And, certainly, We made to appear pleasing the lower heaven with lamps and We assigned them things to stone satans. We made ready for them the punishment of the blaze.
67:6  And for those who were ungrateful to their Lord is the punishment of hell. Miserable will be the Homecoming!
67:7  When they were cast down into it, they would hear it sighing while it is boiling
67:8  and about to burst with rage. As often as a unit of them were cast down into it, the ones who are keepers there asked them: Approaches not a warner to you?
67:9  They will say: Yea! A warner drew near us, but we denied him. And we said: God sent not down anything. You are not but in a great going astray.
67:10  And they would say: If we had been hearing or are reasonable, we would not have been Companions of the Blaze.
67:11  And they would acknowledge their impiety. Then, hell for the Companions of the Blaze!
67:12  Truly, those who dread their Lord in the unseen, for them is forgiveness and a great compensation.
67:13  Keep your saying secret or publish it, truly, He is Knowing of what is in your breasts.
67:14  Would He who created not know? And He is The Subtle, The Aware.
67:15  It is He who made the earth submissive to you, so walk in its tracts and eat of His provision. To Him is the rising.
67:16  Were you safe from He Who is in the heaven that He will not cause the earth to swallow you up when it spins?
67:17  Were you safe from He Who is in the heavens that He will not send against you a sand storm? You will know how My warner has been right!
67:18  And, certainly, those who were before them denied. Then, how horrible had been My reproach!
67:19  Consider they not the birds above them ones standing in ranks and closing their wings? Nothing holds them back but The Merciful. Truly, He is Seeing of everything.
67:20  Who is this who would be an army for you to help you other than The Merciful? Truly, ones who are ungrateful are not but in delusion.
67:21  Or who is this who will provide for you if He held back His provision? Nay! They were resolute, turning in disdain and aversion.
67:22  Then is whoever walks as one who is prone on his face better guided, or he who walks without fault on a straight path?
67:23  Say: It is He who caused you to grow and assigned you the ability to hear, sight, and minds. But you give little thanks!
67:24  Say: It is He who made you numerous on the earth and to Him you will be assembled.
67:25  And they say: When is this promise if you had been ones who are sincere?
67:26  Say: The knowledge of this is only with God and I am only a clear warner.
67:27  But when they saw the punishment nigh, the faces were troubled of those who were ungrateful. And it will be said to them: This is what you had been calling for.
67:28  Say: Considered you if God would cause me to perish and whoever is with me or had mercy on us, who will grant protection to the ones who are ungrateful from a painful punishment?
67:29  Say: He is The Merciful. We believed in Him and in Him we put our trust. Then, you will know who he is, one who is clearly gone astray.
67:30  Say: Considered you? If it came to be in the morning that your water be sinking into the ground, who approaches you with assistance from water springs ?