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66:1  O Prophet! Why hast thou forbidden what God permitted to thee. Looking for the goodwill of thy spouses? And God is Forgiving, Compassionate.
66:2  God imposed on you the dissolution of such of your oaths. And God is your Defender. And He is The Knowing, The Wise.
66:3  And mention when the Prophet confided to one of his spouses a discourse, she, then, told it to another. God disclosed to him of it. He acquainted her with some of it and turned aside some of it. When he told her about it, she said: Who communicated this to thee? He said: The Knowing, The Aware told me.
66:4  If you two repent to God, the hearts of you both will be bent towards it. And if you helped one another against him, then, truly, God, He is his Defender and Gabriel and ones in accord with morality, the ones who believe. And the angels after that are his sustainers.
66:5  Perhaps if he divorced you (f), his Lord will cause in exchange for him spouses better than you (f), ones who submit (f) to One God, ones who believe (f), ones who are morally obligated (f), ones who repent, ones who worship (f), ones who are inclined to fasting (f), women previously married and virgins.
66:6  O those who believed! Protect yourselves and your people from a fire whose fuel is humanity and rocks over which are angels, harsh, severe who rebel not against whatever God commanded them and they accomplish what they are commanded.
66:7  O those who were ungrateful! Make not excuses this Day. You are only given recompense for what you had been doing.
66:8  O those who believed! Turn to God for forgiveness remorsefully, faithfully. Perhaps your Lord will absolve you of your evil deeds and cause you to enter into Gardens beneath which rivers run. On the Day God will not cover the Prophet with shame and those who believed with him. Their light will hasten about between them and on their right. They will say: Our Lord! Fulfill for us our light and forgive us. Truly, Thou art Powerful over everything.
66:9  O Prophet! Struggle against the ones who are ungrateful and the ones who are hypocrites and be thou harsh against them. And their place of shelter will be hell. And miserable will be the Homecoming!
66:10  God propounded an example for those, ones who are ungrateful like the woman of Noah and the woman of Lot. They both had been beneath two servants of Our servants, ones who are in accord with morality. But they both (f) betrayed them so they avail them not against God at all. And it was said: Enter the fire along with ones who enter.
66:11  And God propounded an example for those who believed: Behold the woman of Pharaoh; she said: My Lord, build for me near Thee a house in the Garden and deliver Thou me from Pharaoh and his actions and deliver me from the folk, the ones who are unjust.
66:12  And Mary, the daughter of Imran, who guarded her private parts, so We breathed into it of Our Spirit and she established as true the Words of her Lord and His Books and she had been among the ones who are morally obligated.