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65:1  O Prophet! When you divorced your wives, then, divorce them (f) after their (f) waiting periods and count their (f) waiting periods. And be Godfearing of God, your Lord. And drive them (f) not out from their (f) houses nor let them (f) go forth unless they approach a manifest indecency. These are the ordinances of God. And whoever violates the ordinances of God, then, truly, he did wrong to himself. Thou art not informed so that perhaps God will cause to evoke something after that affair.
65:2  Then, when they (f) reached their (f) term, either hold them (f) back as one who is honorable or part from them (f) as one who is honorable and call to witnesses from two possessors of justice from among you and perform testimony for God. That is admonished for whomever had been believing in God and the Last Day. And he who is Godfearing of God, He will make a way out for him.
65:3  And He will provide him with where he not anticipate. And whoever puts his trust in God, then, He will be enough for him. God is One Who Reaches Through His command. Surely, God assigned a measure to everything.
65:4  And as for those who gave up hope of menstruation among your women, if you were in doubt, their (f) waiting period is three months and for those who have not yet menstruated. As for those (f) who are imbued with pregnancy, their (f) term is that they (f) bring forth their (f) burden. And whoever is Godfearing of God, He will make his affair with ease for him.
65:5  That is the command of God which He caused to descend to you. And whoever is Godfearing of God, He will absolve him of his evil deeds and will enhance for him a compensation.
65:6  Cause them (f) to dwell where you inhabited according to what you are able to afford and be not pressing them (f), putting them (f) in straits. And if they (f) had been imbued with pregnancy, then, spend on them (f) until they bring forth their (f) burden. Then, if they (f) breast feed for you, give them (f) their compensation. And each of you take counsel between you as one who is honorable. But if you make difficulties for one another, then, another would breast feed on behalf of the father.
65:7  The possessor of plenty spends from his plenty. And he whose provisions were measured, he will spend out of what God gave him. And God places not a burden on any person beyond what He gave him. God will make ease after hardship.
65:8  How many a town defied the command of its Lord and His Messengers, so we made a reckoning, a severe reckoning and We punished it with a horrible punishment.
65:9  So it experienced the mischief of its affair and the Ultimate End of its affair had been loss.
65:10  God prepared for them a severe punishment. So be Godfearing of God, O those imbued with intuition, those who believed! Surely, God caused to descend to you a Remembrance,
65:11  a Messenger who recounts to you the signs of God, ones that are made manifest, that he brings out those who believed and did as the ones in accord with morality from the shadows to the light. And whoever believes in God and does as one in accord with morality, He will cause him to enter into Gardens beneath which rivers run, ones who will dwell in them forever, eternally. Surely, God did good with provision for him.
65:12  It is God Who created the seven heavens and of the earth, a similar number like them. The command comes forth between them so that perhaps you would know that God is Powerful over everything and that God, truly, enclosed everything in His Knowledge.