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64:1  Whatever is in the heavens glorifies God and whatever is in and on the earth. His is the dominion and to Him belongs all the praise. And He is Powerful over everything.
64:2  He it is Who created you: So some of you are ones who disbelieve and some of you are ones who believe. And God is Seeing of what you do.
64:3  He created the heavens and the earth with The Truth and He formed you and formed your forms well. And to Him is the Homecoming!
64:4  He knows what is in the heavens and the earth and He knows what you keep secret and what you speak openly. And God is Knowing of what is in the breasts.
64:5  Approaches you not the tiding of those who were ungrateful before? They experienced the mischief of their affair and there is a painful punishment for them.
64:6  That had been because their Messengers approach them with the clear portents, but they said: Will mortals guide us? So they were ungrateful and turned away. And God is Self-Sufficient. And God is Rich, Worthy of Praise.
64:7  Those who were ungrateful claimed that they will never be raised up. Say: Yea! By my Lord, you will, certainly, be raised up. Again, you will be told of what you did. And that is easy for God.
64:8  So believe in God and His Messenger, and in the Light which We caused to descend. And God is Aware of what you do.
64:9  On a Day when He will amass you for the Day of Gathering, that will be the day of the mutual loss and gain, and whoever believes in God and does as one in accord with morality, He will absolve him of his evil deeds and He will cause him to enter Gardens beneath which rivers run as ones who will dwell in them forever, eternally. That will be winning the sublime triumph.
64:10  But for those who were ungrateful and denied Our signs, those are the Companions of the Fire, ones who will dwell in it forever. And miserable will be the Homecoming!
64:11  No affliction lit but with the permission of God. Whoever believes in God, He guides his heart. And God is Knowing of everything.
64:12  And obey God and obey the Messenger. Then, if you turned away, then, it is only for Our Messenger the delivering the clear message.
64:13  God, there is no god but He. And in God let the ones who believe put their trust.
64:14  O those who believed! Truly, there are among your spouses and your children enemies for you, so beware of them. And if you would pardon, overlook and forgive, then, truly, God is Forgiving, Compassionate.
64:15  Your wealth and your children are only a test. And God, with Him is a sublime compensation.
64:16  So be Godfearing of God as much as you were able and hear and obey and spend. That is good for yourselves, and whoever is protected from his own stinginess, then, those, they are the ones who prosper.
64:17  If you lend to God a fairer loan, He will multiply it for you and will forgive you. And God is Ready to Appreciate, Forbearing,
64:18  One Who Knows the unseen and the visible, The Almighty, The Wise.