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67:1  Blessed is the One Who holds in his hand the kingdom (of the heavens and the earth). He is capable of accomplishing everything
67:2  (Blessed is) the One Who created the death and life, so He may try and test you; which of you performs the better deeds. He is the most Powerful, and the most Kind
67:3  The One Who created seven tiers of heavens, one atop another! You do not find any disparity or disharmony in the creation of Rehman, (the most Merciful). Cast another look! Do you find any breach (in the heavens)
67:4  (Go ahead)! Look again and again. Your eyes would wear out, and your sight would (wander and) return to you, bewildered and in vain
67:5  We have embellished the heaven nearest to this world with (numerous) lamps (the stars). We have made this heaven (a means) to bombard the Shaitan with missiles, to drive them away. For them, We have prepared a punishment by the blazing fire
67:6  There exists a punishment of hell for those who refuse to believe in their Lord. Theirs is a despicable destination
67:7  As they are hurled into hell, they would hear it shriek and scream (in anger); it would boil over furiously, as it blazes
67:8  It would almost explode in its frenzied fury. As a fresh crop (of sinners) is flung into hell, its warden would ask, "(How did you end up here)? Hadn´t a warner come to you?"
67:9  They would reply, "Yes! A warner had indeed come to us, but (alas)! We rejected him and said: "Allah has revealed nothing! You have just (blundered and) slumped into a grave error."
67:10  They would say, "Had we listened (attentively), or applied our mind, we would have escaped being the inmates of the blazing fire!"
67:11  Thus, they would confess their sins; damned are the inmates of the fiery flames
67:12  Forgiveness and a rich reward exists for those who fear their Lord, though they do not see Him
67:13  (Little does it matter whether you) whisper your words in secret, or shout them out aloud! He is indeed aware of everything, (every thought) that passes through the heart
67:14  Why would He not know? He is the Creator! He is the all-Knowing, well Aware of every subtle detail
67:15  He it is, Who subdued the earth for you (and made it a comfortable and controllable habitat). So move along its surface and eat the food provided by Him. But (remember), towards Him is your (revival and) resurrection
67:16  Are you unafraid that He, the One in heavens (Allah), will not let the earth swallow you? That it will not suddenly begin to rock (as in an earthquake)
67:17  Are you unafraid that He _the One in heaven, (Allah) _will not unleash a violent hurricane upon you? Then you would learn in a hurry how (true and terrible) was My warning
67:18  Of course, (most of) their predecessors had (also) refused to believe. So (observe), how (devastating) was My wrath (and punishment)
67:19  Do they not look at the birds above them? They flap and fold their wings (and fly)! No one but Rehman, (the Merciful), holds them up (in mid air). Indeed He is the One watching over every single thing
67:20  Do you have an army that can support you against the Merciful (Lord)? In fact, the unbelievers are just duped by a delusion
67:21  If He withholds His bounties from you, do you have anyone else who could grant you the provisions? The fact is, they hide behind their pride, and their (irrational) aversion (to the truth)
67:22  So who (do you think) is better guided? The one crawling on his face groping (to find his way), or the one walking upright along the straight path?"
67:23  Say, "It is He Who brought you into being, and conferred upon you (the faculties of) hearing, sight and reasoning. Seldom do you express gratitude!"
67:24  Say, "It is He Who has spread you across the earth; and (in the end) you would be summoned back to Him."
67:25  They say, "When will that promise come to be, if you are truthful?"
67:26  Say, "That knowledge lies solely with Allah; in fact I am simply a warner!"
67:27  Actually, the faces of the unbelievers would distort (with horror) when they witness the torment in close proximity. They would be told "(this is the promise), this is what you had called for."
67:28  Say, "Have you thought it over? Regardless of whether Allah destroys me and my companions, or shows us His mercy, (the question before you should be) who will shelter the unbelievers from the painful punishment?"
67:29  Say, "He is Rehman, (the most Merciful). We believe in Him! And in Him we trust. Very soon, you will find out who has committed the obvious (and the gravest) blunder?"
67:30  Say, "Have you thought it over? Should (all) your (drinking) water sink underground (and disappear), who can supply you with springs and clean running water (to drink)?"