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66:1  Oh prophet! Why did you, in order to please your wives, forbid yourself that which Allah has deemed lawful for you? Allah is all-Forgiving, the most Merciful
66:2  Allah has prescribed a procedure for you to expiate (and rescind) such oaths. Allah is your Patron; He is the most Knowledgeable, the Wisest
66:3  (Remember)! The prophet confided in one of his wives concerning a certain matter. When she divulged (the information) to another one (of his wives), Allah informed the prophet about it. The prophet told his wife a portion (of what Allah had informed him) and ignored the rest. When he told her about it, she asked, "Who told you about this?" He replied, "The One Who knows all and is the most Aware has told me!"
66:4  (Oh wives of the prophet), the two of you better turn to Allah and repent. Your hearts have wandered off the right path. But if you back each other against the prophet, then (beware)! Allah is certainly his friend! And so are the angel Gibraeel, and all the righteous believers. Besides that, all the angels are his supporters
66:5  In case the prophet divorces you all, his Lord would perhaps grant him other wives _ widows or maidens, in your place. They would be better than you, more obedient, believing, pious, penitent and fond of fasting
66:6  Oh you who believe, save yourselves and your families from the fire. Humans and stones are its fuel! Burly and rigidly fierce angels are (appointed as guards) over it. They do not disobey or disregard any of the commands of Allah. (Rather), they (diligently) carry out whatever they are commanded
66:7  Oh you unbelievers! Do not make excuses today. You are being punished only for what you have (actually) done (and nothing else)
66:8  Oh you believers! Turn to Allah in repentance, an earnest (and heartfelt) repentance. Allah, your Lord, may just rid you of your sins (and your faults and flaws); He will usher you into paradise, through which run the rivers. Allah will not let the prophet and those who believe in him, be humiliated on that day. The light (emanating from them) would run in front of, and to the right of them. They shall call out, "Our Lord, (please) complete for us our light, and forgive us. Indeed, You have power over all things!"
66:9  Oh prophet! Wage a relentless struggle against the unbelievers, and the hypocrites. Be stern against them (and do not yield). Hell shall be their abode! What an evil (despicable) destination
66:10  For the unbelievers, Allah cites the case of the wives of the prophets ´Nooh´ and ´Loot´. They were married to two of Our most honorable and righteous servants. But they betrayed their husbands, and so their husbands could not help them against Allah at all. Both of these women were ordered to enter the hellfire just like all the others who (deserved to enter hell, and) would live there for ever
66:11  And for the believers. Allah cites the example of the pharaoh´s wife. She said, "Lord, (please) build me a house in paradise under your (auspicious) care. Save me from the pharaoh and his (evil) deeds, and save me from (such) an unjust nation."
66:12  (And the example of) Mary, a daughter Imran, who had (rigidly) guarded her chastity. We breathed Our spirit into her. Thus, she gave credence (and bore witness) to the words of her Lord and His scriptures. She was (truly) among the obedient ones