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65:1  Oh prophet, (and Oh you believers)! If you (must) divorce your women, divorce them for a (prescribed) period. Count the period (correctly). Fear Allah, your Lord, and do not _ unless they have committed a flagrantly immoral act _ expel your divorced women out of their homes. The women too should not leave their homes. These are the confines of Allah. Anyone overstepping the limits of Allah actually commits an outrage upon himself. You do not know! (During that period), Allah may well bring about something (to cause reconciliation between the husband and wife)
65:2  At the end of the (prescribed) period, either hold back your women (in wedlock) lawfully, according to the well-known (prescribed) manner, or make the divorce final in accordance with the well known (prescribed) way. Take two of your fair minded (and respected) men as your witnesses. (Oh witnesses)! Bear the witness truthfully for the sake of Allah! Those who believe in Allah, and the life-to-come, are hereby being asked to heed. Allah will provide a way out for the one who fears Him
65:3  And, He would grant the bounties (and provisions) from sources they had not expected (or even imagined). Allah is sufficient for anyone who places his trust in Him. (Always, and without an exception), Allah brings His decrees to destiny. Indeed, Allah it is Who has appointed the destiny for every single thing
65:4  (Remember), if you are in doubt about the ´iddat.´ of your women, _ either because they are past the age, or haven´t yet started to menstruate _ it lasts three months. The ´iddat´ for the pregnant women (is three months, or it) lasts till the termination of pregnancy. (iddat: the period after divorce during which a woman is forbidden to remarry). Allah (grants a leeway and) makes matters easy for the one who fears Him
65:5  This is the commandment of Allah; He has revealed it to you. Whoever fears Him (and practices righteousness and restraint), Allah will cleanse him of his sins (and rid him of his faults and flaws); and Allah will magnify his rewards
65:6  (During the period of ´iddat´) have the (divorced) women live where you live, as your resources allow. Do not abuse and mistreat them, in order to harass them. If they happen to be carrying (your) child, then spend and bear their expenses till they carry their pregnancies to term. If they are nursing (your child), then compensate them in a fair and equitable manner. Settle the issue (of compensation) between you and your (former) wives amicably. Should the matter (of compensation) be difficult (and hard to resolve), then any other woman may nurse the child
65:7  Let the well-to-do spend according to his means, and let the one with limited resources spend according to what Allah has granted him. Never does Allah obligate anyone in excess of what He has granted him. Allah may soon change the difficult circumstances into (leisure and) comfort
65:8  So many communities (in the past) have been insolent and arrogant towards the commandments of their Lord, and His messengers. So, very harshly We called them to account. We inflicted upon them a severe punishment
65:9  They tasted the evil consequences of their conduct. The final outcome of their conduct was (nothing but) sheer loss
65:10  For them, Allah has prepared the severest (most awful) punishment. So fear Allah, oh you endowed with reason and intellect; and (oh) those (of you) who believe! Allah has sent you a reminder (and an admonition)
65:11  A messenger recites for you the clear and unambiguous verses of Allah! So that he, (the messenger), may bring out of darkness into light, those who believe and act righteously. Allah will usher into paradise _ rivers run right through it _ anyone who believes in Him and performs righteous deeds. There, he will live forever and ever. (There), Allah has (kept in store) excellent (and everlasting) bounties for him
65:12  Allah has created the seven heavens. And the same goes for the earth! The commands (of Allah) prevail over all of them (constantly). So that you may know (for sure), that Allah is capable of doing everything; and that Allah has (full and unabridged) knowledge of every single thing