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64:1  Everything in the heavens and on earth chants the praises of Allah. To him belongs the empire! To him belongs all praise (and all gratitude)! He has power over all things
64:2  It is He Who created you. (Yet), among you are those who deny (the truth); and some of you believe. Allah watches everything you do
64:3  He created the heavens and the earth (based) on the truth. He gave you form, the most excellent (the best possible) form; and towards Him is your journey back
64:4  He knows everything in the heavens and on earth. He knows what you conceal, and what you declare. He has full knowledge of everything _ (all the emotions, intentions and thoughts) _ that exists in the hearts
64:5  Have you not heard the tales of those who denied earlier? They tasted the evil consequences of their conduct. There is, (in addition), a painful punishment (in store) for them
64:6  Allah´s messengers came to them with clear proofs. Yet, they (denied and) said, "Will (fallible) humans guide us now?" They rejected and turned away. Allah (in His Own right) is Free from all needs, and is Worthy of all praise
64:7  The unbelievers claim they will never be brought back to life (for reckoning). Say, "Of course you will! My Lord will definitely raise you (back to life). Then, He will certainly tell you what you had done. That is (really) easy for Allah to do."
64:8  Therefore, believe in Allah and His messenger; and the light (of revelation) which We have sent down. Allah is well Aware of what you do
64:9  The day of gathering _ that day when He will gather all of you together _ will be the day of loss and gain, (the day of reparation and redress of wrongful deeds). He (Allah) will remove (and cleanse) the shortcomings (and sins) of the one who believes in Allah, and does righteous acts. He will admit such a person into paradise to live forever; rivers run right through it. That is the greatest success
64:10  (While) those who disbelieve and deny Our signs, shall really be the companions of fire. They will live there forever! It is a despicable destination
64:11  Unless it is with the (will and) permission of Allah, no calamity can ever strike (anyone). Allah guides (and soothes) the heart of the one who believes in Him. Allah is well-Aware of every single thing
64:12  Obey Allah, and obey His messenger! (Bear this in mind) if you turn away, (that the responsibility) upon our messenger is (nothing more than) to convey the message clearly and plainly
64:13  Allah! There is no god except He! The believers should place their trust in Allah
64:14  Oh those of you who believe! Your enemies are (likely to be) among your spouses and your children. Beware of them! If you forego, forbear and forgive, (you will find that) Allah is indeed the most Forgiving and the most Merciful
64:15  In reality, your wealth and your children are a trial (for you). There exists with Allah, a tremendous tribute (at the end of the trial)
64:16  (Practice righteousness and restraint), and fear Allah as much as you can. Listen and obey, and give charity. It is for your own good. The successful ones are really those who escape the greed within their own selves
64:17  If you advance Allah a sincere loan, He will multiply it and return it to you twofold; and (in addition) He will grant you forgiveness. Allah is the most Forbearing; He appreciates (and rewards) gratitude
64:18  (He is) the Knower of the unseen and the manifest, the Almighty, the Wisest