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63:1  (Oh prophet), when the hypocrites come to you, they say, "We bear witness that you really are the messenger of Allah." Of course, Allah knows you are His messenger; (but) Allah affirms that the hypocrites are really the liars
63:2  They use their oaths as a pretext to dissuade (and deter others) from the path of Allah. What they do is indeed evil
63:3  This is so because they believed (at first), and then went back to disbelieving. (Now), their hearts have been sealed and they do not comprehend
63:4  (Oh prophet), the appearance of the hypocrites and their physiques are pleasing to look at. Their speech is so glib and pleasant, one likes to just keep on listening. It is as if they were carved out of wood and propped up (against the wall). They think (like cowards), that every call to action is against them. They are the enemies! Beware of them! May Allah curse them. How perverted are they
63:5  When it is said to them, "Come! The messenger of Allah will seek forgiveness for you", they turn their heads away. You find them looking away in arrogance (and disdain)
63:6  It makes no difference whether you seek forgiveness for them or not. Allah will never forgive them. Indeed Allah never guides the nation of evildoers
63:7  They are the ones who say, "Do not spend anything on the companions of Allah´s messenger. (Wait) till they desert him." (All) the treasures of the heavens and the earth belong to Allah. But the hypocrites do not understand
63:8  They (the hypocrites) say, "When we return to town, the one with respect and honor will expel the despised (and humbled)." The respect and honor belong (entirely) to Allah, His messenger, and the believers. But the hypocrites do not know
63:9  Oh those of you who believe! Do not let your wealth and your children divert you away from the remembrance of Allah. Anyone doing that would indeed be the loser
63:10  Spend (in charity), out of what We have granted you, lest death comes to any of you and (remorsefully) he says, "My Lord, if only you grant me an extension, (a little more time), I would give (my wealth in) charity; and I would be righteous!"
63:11  Allah never extends (the life) for anyone, past his time. Allah is well Aware of what you do