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57:1  Everything in the universe glorifies God, for God is almighty, all-wise.
57:2  God's is the dominion of the heavens and the earth: God gives life, and God kills; and God has power over all things.
57:3  God is the first and the last, the manifest and the hidden: and God has full knowledge of all things.
57:4  God it is who created the heavens and the earth in six days, then sat firm upon the Throne. God knows what goes into the earth and what comes out of it; what descends from the sky, and what ascends to it. And God is with you all wherever you may be: and God sees what you do.
57:5  To God belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth: and all affairs are returned to God.
57:6  God makes night enter day. and day enter night; and God knows what is \n all hearts.
57:7  Believe in God and the Envoy of God, and spend of that to which We made you heirs: for those among you who believe and who spend there is a great reward.
57:8  What is the matter with you that you do not believe in God and the Messenger who calls you to believe in your Lord? For God has already taken your agreement if you are faithful believers.
57:9  It is God who sends down to the servant of the divine evident signs to bring you forth from darkness into light. And certainly God is in fact kind and merciful to you.
57:10  And what is the matter with you that you do not spend in the way of God, though God's is the inheritance of the heavens and the earth? Not equal among you are those who spent and fought before the victory: they are greater in rank than those who spent and fought later on. But to each God has promised good; and God is fully aware of everything you do.
57:11  Who is it that will lend a fair loan to God: for whom God will redouble it, and for whom there is a noble reward.
57:12  One day you will see the faithful men and faithful women, their light streaming before them and by their right hands: “Good news for you today: a Garden beneath which rivers flow, abiding forever therein.” That is the Greater Success.
57:13  One day the hypocrites, men and women, will say to the faithful believers, "Wait for us, that we may borrow from your light.” It will be said, "Turn back behind you to seek light,” while a wall will be set up between them and it, with a door therein, within it mercy; while outside, in front of it, torment.
57:14  They will call to them, “were we not with you?" They will say, "Yes, indeed, but you seduced your own selves, you lay in wait, and you doubted, and desires deceived you, until there came the decree of God, and the Deceiver deceived you about God.
57:15  "So today no ransom will be accepted from you, nor from the ungrateful who disbelieve. Your place is the fire; that is your master, and what a miserable destination!”
57:16  Has the time not come for those who believe that their hearts should be humbled• to remembrance of God and what God has revealed of Truth; and that they should not be like those to whom the Book was given before but the ages grew so long to them that their hearts were hardened and many of them were dissolute.
57:17  Know that God enlivens the earth after it has died: We have already made clear to you the signs, that you may understand.
57:18  For men who give charity and women who give charity and loan a fair loan to God, it shall be multiplied for them, and theirs is a noble reward.
57:19  And those who believe in God and the Messengers of God, they are the truthful and the witnesses in the presence of their Lord They have their reward and their illumination. And those who disbelieve and repudiate Our signs, they are the inmates of hell fire.
57:20  Know that the life of the world is but diversion and distraction, ostentation and vying for glory among yourselves, and striving for more and more wealth and children. It is like the example of rain, the growth from which pleases t.pe tillers, then withers, and you see it yellow: then it crumbles. And at the end is severe torment, and forgiveness from God, and acceptance. And what is the life of the world but the stuff of deception?
57:21  Race to forgiveness from your Lord, and to a Garden wide as sky and earth, prepared for those who believe in God and the Envoys of God; that is the grace of God, granted to whom God wills. And God has the Greatest Grace.
57:22  No affliction will strike on earth or in your souls but is in a Book before We create it. Truly that is easy for God,
57:23  so that you do not sorrow over what has passed you by, and neither exult over what has come to you. For God does not love any arrogant boaster,
57:24  those who are avaricious and urge others to avarice. And if any turn away, well, God is the self-sufficient, the One who deserves all praise.
57:25  We have sent Our envoys with clarifications: and We sent with them the Book and the Balance, that humankind may stand by justice. And We sent iron. in which is violent force, and advantages for humankind, that God may know who will be of help to God and the Envoys of God, though they are unseen Truly God is all-powerful, almighty.
57:26  And We sent down Noah and Abraham, and placed among their descendants prophecy and the Book, so some of them were guided; but many of them were dissolute.
57:27  Then We sent Envoys of Ours to take up after them: We sent Jesus son of Mary, giving him the Gospel; and We put compassion and mercy in the hearts of those who followed him. But the monasticism they invented for themselves was not prescribed by Us for them: only seeking the pleasure of God. And they did not observe it as it really should be observed. Yet We gave to those among them who believed their recompense; while many of them are deviants.
57:28  Faithful believers, be wary of God and believe God's Messenger: God will give you a double portion of mercy divine, and provide you a light by which to walk; and God will forgive you. And God is the epitome of forgiveness and mercy:
57:29  that the people of the Book may know they have no power over anything of God's grace; and that the grace is in the hand of God, who gives it to anyone at will. And God has the Great Grace.