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47:1  Those who disbelieved and turned away from the way of God, He made their works go astray.
47:2  And those who believed and did good works and believed in what is sent down upon Muhammad, - and it is the truth from their Lord, - He covered from them their evil deeds and He made right their condition.
47:3  That is because those who disbelieved followed falsehood and that those who believed followed the truth from their Lord. Thus God strikes their similitudes for mankind.
47:4  And when you meet those who disbelieve - then strike the necks until when you have massacred them, then bind fast the bonds. Then either a favour afterwards or ransom until the war lays down its burdens. That - And if God wills surely He would have exacted what is due from them - but to try some of you with others. And those who are slain in the way of God, He will not send their works astray;
47:5  He will guide them and make right their condition;
47:6  And will make them enter the Garden, which He has made known to them.
47:7  O you who believe! If you help God, He will help you, and will make firm your feet.
47:8  But those who disbelieve, destruction is for them. And He will send their works astray.
47:9  That is because they were averse to what God has revealed; so He has made their works void.
47:10  Have they not travelled in the land and seen how was the end of those before them? God destroyed them; and for the disbelievers is the like of it.
47:11  That is because God is the sovereign of those who believe, and because the disbelievers - there is no sovereign for them.
47:12  Indeed, God will make those who believed and did good works enter gardens beneath which the rivers flow; and those who disbelieved they enjoy and eat as the cattle eat; and the fire is the habitation for them.
47:13  How many a city, stronger than your city which has driven you out, have We destroyed, and there was no helper for them.
47:14  Is he who is on a clear proof from his Lord like him, the evil of whose works is beautified for him, and who follow their lusts?
47:15  The similitude of the Garden which is promised to the pious, - in it are rivers of water without corruption, and rivers of milk, the taste of which does not change, and rivers of wine delicious to those who drink; and rivers of honey clarified; and therein for them of all fruits, and forgiveness from their Lord. Like him who dwells in the fire and are given to drink hot water so it tears their bowels asunder.
47:16  And among them are those who listen to you, until when they go forth from you they say to those who have been given the knowledge, 'What has he said just now?' Those are the ones on whose hearts God has set a stamp and they follow their lusts.
47:17  And those who are guided, He increases them in guidance, and He gives them their piety.
47:18  Do they wait but for the Hour, that it should come to them suddenly? And indeed, its conditions have come; then how, when it has come on them, can they have their reminder?
47:19  So know that there is no god except God; and ask forgiveness for your sin and for the believers, men and women; and God knows your going to and fro, and your place of rest.
47:20  Those who believe say, 'Why has not a chapter been revealed?' But when a decisive chapter is revealed and fighting is mentioned in it, you see those in whose heart is sickness looking towards you - a look of one fainting from death. And more fit for them is
47:21  Obedience and a reasonable speech. And when the matter is determined, then if they were true to God, surely it would be better for them.
47:22  So would you perhaps, if you had turned back, have done evil in the earth and severed the bonds of kinship?
47:23  Those it is whom God has cursed, and has made them deaf, and has blinded their eyesight.
47:24  Then do they not meditate on the Quran? Or are there locks upon the hearts?
47:25  Indeed, those who turn their backs after the guidance that has been manifested to them - the devil induces them, but He gives them respite.
47:26  That is because they say to those who are averse to what God has revealed, 'We will obey you in part of the affair.' But God knows their secrets.
47:27  Then how when the angels take them in death, striking their faces and their backs?
47:28  That is because they follow what angers God and are averse to His pleasure; so He has made their works void.
47:29  Or do those in whose hearts is sickness think that God will not bring forth their malice?
47:30  And had We willed, surely We would have shown them to you, and surely you would know them by their marks. And surely you will definitely know them by the intent of speech, and God knows your works.
47:31  And surely We will definitely try you until We know those among you who strive hard and the patient; and We will try your news.
47:32  Indeed, those who disbelieve and turn from the way of God, and split from the messenger after the guidance has been manifested to them, will not harm God at all, and He will make their works void.
47:33  O you who believe! Obey God, and obey the messenger; and do not make your works vain.
47:34  Indeed, those who disbelieve and turn from the way of God, then they die while they are disbelievers, God will not forgive them.
47:35  So do not faint and cry for peace while you have the upperhand; and God is with you, and will not cheat you of your works.
47:36  The worldly life is only play and diversion; and if you believe and fear, He will give you your rewards, and not ask you for your wealth.
47:37  If He were to ask you for it and to press you, you would be niggardly, and He would bring your malice out.
47:38  Here you are - these, called upon to spend in God's way, and among you are some who are niggardly; and whoever is niggardly is only niggardly against his soul; but God is rich and you are poor, and if you turn away, He will substitute another people instead of you, then they will not be like you.