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47:1  Those who denied Allah and stood in the way to prevent Allah's spirit of truth from guiding people into all truth, has He imprinted their deeds with irreverence, profanity and damnation
47:2  But those who believed in Allah, with hearts impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and deeds imprinted with wisdom and piety, believed in all that has been revealed to the Prophet Muhammad from Allah, in conformity with truth, has Allah erased and deleted their sins and has given them peace of mind and peace of conscience
47:3  Such dispositions: were indeed befitting for the reason that those who denied Allah went in pursuit of the worthless and in vain they wasted their days, while those who believed in Allah with hearts impressed with the image of virtues sought the truth disclosed by Him. Thus Does Allah discourse to people their parables
47:4  So conditioned, when you people encounter those deniers of Allah, in combat, strike their necks to inflict death, and subdue the living at their peril, keep them in confinement and restrict their movements until hostilities have ceased and your enemies have laid down their arms. There and then you either set the captives free for nothing at all in return or for a ransom or for the freedom of Muslim captives. Had Allah willed, He would have punished them in His own manner. But He means to rear you and educate you so that your actions evince both wisdom and integrity, Allah then will establish your genuineness and quality as is asserted or claimed when reason has to deal with force and when you deal with each other in peace and in wars and to prove that the purpose of Allah is objectively the heart of your purpose. And remember that those of you who resisted blood, to acquire the glorious privilege of a martyr never will Allah imprint their works with irreverence profanity or damnation
47:5  But He shall steer them by His guidance, and give them peace of mind and peace of conscience
47:6  And He will welcome them into gardens of bliss and surpassing beauty, the paradise which He has portrayed to them already, and of which He has given them a detailed and a graphic account
47:7  O you who believe with hearts impressed with religious and spiritual virtues: if you intend to direct your minds and thoughts to striving in the cause of Allah and to make His purpose the heart of your purpose, He will help you defend your final cause and help you take a firm position and set your feet firm
47:8  But those who denied Allah, He will afflict with the miseries of fallen greatness and imprint their works with irreverence, profanity and damnatio
47:9  A disposition rightfully earned for their averted state of mind and mental attitude of persistently opposing all that Allah has revealed in conformity with truth and in agreement with reality; and so He doomed their hopes to disappointment and their deeds to worthlessness
47:10  Have they not journeyed through the land and looked with their mind's eyes to see the fatal consequence of those who came before them in time how Allah laid them low in horrible destruction
47:11  That is because those whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues are under the tutelage of Allah, whereas those who deny Him are under the tutelage of nobody
47:12  Indeed Allah shall welcome those whose hearts. Reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues into gardens of bliss and surpassing beauty beneath which rivers flow, while those who deny Him experience life delight and eat in the way cattle eat; and in Hell shall they make abod
47:13  How many townships did We destroy; townships which enjoyed great controlling power that made their authority felt; townships which were powerful to a greater extent than your town O Muhammad which drove you out and ousted you of your home. Yet no one was there to fight for their safety or offer them help
47:14  Can he who has acknowledged the truth captivating his heart's ears and his mind's eyes compare with him whose deeds of evil and iniquity allured his mind's eyes and induced him to hug his irreverent conviction to his heart? Or can he compare with such persons who have entertained sensuous notions and in vain have wasted their days
47:15  And does it compare: the garden of bliss and surpassing beauty promised to those who believe with breasts filled with reverential awe wherein rivers flow with untainted pure fresh water, and rivers flowing with tasteful, unchanging, immutable milk, rivers flowing with wine making glad the hearts of those who drink it, and rivers flowing with strained clear honey, a garden in which grow all kinds of fruits and the grace of Allah's mercy and forgiveness. Does this blissful state compare with the state wherein one suffers the permanent abode in Hell where in the inmates are forced to drink boiling water melting their bowels
47:16  Among your listeners O Muhammad are those who are hypocrites. They apparently incline their ears to you while their hearts' ears are closed, and when they leave at the end of your discourse of instructions and exhortation, they, in a cunning manner, ask your faithful associates who have intellectual acquaintance with facts: "What was it that he -Muhammad- has just said?" These are they whose hearts has Allah impressed with dullness of comprehension and they followed their own lustful course and a religion of a sensuous character
47:17  But those whose minds' eyes have led them to the path of safety and righteousness, Allah has justified faith as a conviction operative on their character and will and imprinted their deeds with wisdom and piety
47:18  Do they (The infidel Meccans together with the hypocrites) intend to remain in their state of disbelief until they suddenly face the foreordained Hour? But its shadows have been cast and its preceding signs have come into peoples' knowledge; and so where can they turn and what can profit them when it comes upon them
47:19  Therefore, you must know O Muhammad and realize with great prudence that there is no deity but Allah. Invoke His forgiveness on your behalf for anything you might have done wrongly and on behalf of the believers among the men and the women whose hearts reflect that image of religious and spiritual virtues. Allah is well acquainted with all your activities during daylight and with all your doings when you rest in your homes
47:20  And those who have conformed to Islam say: " If only a Surah (Chapter) be revealed ordaining war against those who deny Allah (or Jihad in His cause)!" yet when a Surah is revealed wherein Allah does not play with metaphor but He comes to the point, then you see those whose hearts melt away in disease and lassitude look toward you with a countenance standing similitude exact of someone who has fallen into a fainting fit in conflict with the encounter with death and it serves them right
47:21  Willing obedience coupled with words expressing desire for action should have been their response and when Allah's command comes about, then if their actions to their words accord, it would be more advantageous to them
47:22  And if you people fail to obey Allah's command, then do you have in mind, as a fixed purpose, to make mischief and create discord on earth and break the ties of a common blood and of uterine consanguinity
47:23  such persons are those whom Allah has afflicted with such evils as indicate a malignant fate and has deafened their hearts' ears and blinded their minds' eyes
47:24  Do they not ponder and meditate upon the Quran or do they keep locks upon their hearts
47:25  Those apostates who have renounced Faith in favour of disbelief after the spirit of truth has guided them into all truth, were victims of Al-Shytan (Satan) who took advantage of them, instigated them and suggested to their minds heavenly shows thereby staking their very lives on very dark hopes
47:26  AL-Shytan took advantage of them when they consented to help those who held all that Allah has revealed in a very strong dislike and cherished hatred to His revealed religion; they said to them: " we will obey you in some respects, " (namely: to carry on underhand plotting and to plan some actions to attain the desired end, and to employ secret influence for the accomplishment of set designs), but Allah knew what their hearts forged that their tongues must vent
47:27  How will they react when the angels of death besiege them all about to disembody their souls and descend violently upon them striking their faces and their backs
47:28  So be it, because they practiced the vices incidental to paganism and hypocrisy: disobedience, intrigues and vices which Allah detests and has forbidden. They allied themselves to the enemies of Allah and His Messenger and bore malice to every propitious action that pleases Allah and so He Imprinted their deeds with irreverence, profanity and damnation
47:29  Or do these people, whose hearts reflect the morbidity inherent in their innermost being, think that Allah will not expose their malicious feelings
47:30  Had We willed We would have written a letter of discredit upon their faces, and you Muhammad would have recognized them by the emblem imprinted on their sinister faces. But in any case, you will recognize them when they express their thoughts in words in an air of contempt and they adjust them to their malicious attitude. Allah Knows all that they do
47:31  In fact, We will most certainly try you people to distinguish you into those who consider Allah's purpose the heart of their purpose and strive patiently in His cause, and those who are not moved to action; and to ascertain your spirit and your worth when you engage in the practical test of actual experience
47:32  Those who denied Allah and stood in the way to prevent Allah's spirit of truth from guiding people into all truth, and forsook the Messenger after the truth was made evident to them by heaven and by men, shall not harm Allah in the least, but He will imprint their deeds with irreverence, profanity and damnation
47:33  O you whose hearts reflect the image of religious and spiritual virtues: obey Allah and obey the Messenger and do not render your deeds void and devoid of real value by renouncing Faith
47:34  Indeed, those who have renounced Faith and prevented Allah's spirit of truth from guiding people into all truth and they died captivated in disbelief, never will Allah forgive them nor quit them His debt
47:35  Therefore do not weaken in power or in strength of purpose nor be tempted to invite your enemy to peace when you are in control of the situation and you have the upper hand. Remember that Allah stands by you to protect you and defend you, and He will not reduce or annul the value of your efforts
47:36  And keep in mind that life here is but an illusive and rapid change of feeling, fancy and thought, and an amusement which brings happiness to those who cannot think. But if your hearts are impressed with the image of religious and spiritual virtues and you entertain the profound reverend dutiful to Allah, He will pay you all you merit and He will not ask you to spend your wealth in His cause except to give zakat (alms); for zakat is but the vehicle of prayer and if he -the needy- be hungry, it is zakat that feeds him
47:37  For, if He - Allah - were to ask you to spend all your wealth in His cause and bear heavily on you, you would be unwilling to give or spend anything, and then He will have exposed your unwillingness and your secret grudge against spending
47:38  There, at that point, you people are invited to spend, all that you can afford in the cause of Allah. Some of you will show unwillingness, and he who is parsimonious and unwilling, will only deny himself the future security depending on how much he had advanced in life to be credited to his own account in heaven's realm. And remember that Allah is AL-Ghaniy (Independent and Absolute); He is the riches of the heavens and the earth and if you are as dependent on Him as indeed you are, then you are poor enough and if you people turn a deaf ear, He will replace you by other people who will not be the like