What Qur'an Says About Patient / Steadfast?

Compilation note: The Arabic word SABR has meanings that cross the Western terms patience, steadfastness, and endurance.

  • will you have patience
  • their endurance
  • Be patient
  • Be steadfast
  • (to) the patient ones
  • the patient ones
  • the patient ones
  • the steadfast

  • (to) the patient ones
  • (to) the patient ones
  • The patient
  • the patient ones
  • the steadfast
  • through patience
  • to [the] patience
  • to patience
  • you have patience
  • be patient
  • you are patient

  • you be patient
  • patient
  • steadfast
  • steadfast
  • (who is) patient
  • patient
  • (is) patient
  • had patience

  • (to have) patience

  • a patience
  • patience

  • you are patient
  • you patiently endured
  • (is) your patience
  • we are patient
  • we had been steadfast
  • (are) patient

  • had been patient
  • they are patient
  •  they were patient

    • 7:137   And We made inheritors the people those who were considered weak - (the) eastern (parts) (of) the land and the western (parts) of it, which We blessed [in it]. And was fulfilled (the) word (of) your Lord - the best for (the) Children (of) Israel because they were patient. And We destroyed what used to make Firaun and his people, and what they used to erect.
  • be patient
  • So be patient

    • 52:48   So be patient, for (the) Command (of) your Lord, for indeed, you (are) in Our Eyes. And glorify (the) praise (of) your Lord when you arise,
  • then be patient
  • so patience

  • but they were patient
  • for those who are patient
  • we endure
  • and be patient
  • and be patient
    • 54:27   Indeed, We (are) sending the she-camel (as) a trial for them, so watch them and be patient.
  • and be constant
  • and be steadfast
  • and the patient women
  • and the patient men
  • and the patient ones
    • 2:177   It is not [the] righteousness that you turn your faces towards the east and the west, [and] but the righteous[ness] (is he) who believes in Allah and the Day [the] Last, and the Angels, and the Book, and the Prophets, and gives the wealth in spite of his love (for it) (to) those the near relatives, and the orphans, and the needy, and (of) the wayfarer, and those who ask, and in freeing the necks (slaves) and (who) establish the prayer, and give the zakah, and those who fulfill their covenant when they make it; and those who are patient in [the] suffering and [the] hardship, and (the) time (of) [the] stress. Those (are) the ones who are true and those, [they] (are) the righteous.
    • 22:35   Those when is mentioned Allah - fear their hearts, and those who are patient over whatever has afflicted them, and those who establish the prayer, and out of what We have provided them they spend. 
  • and [be] patient
  • and were patient
  • And surely we will bear with patience
  • and (is) patient
  • they endure


Compiled by

G. Waleed Kavalec 

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