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89:1  By the daybreak,
89:2  and by ten nights,
89:3  and by the pair and the single,
89:4  and by the night when it has advanced
89:5  Is there any need for oath in this for anyone with understanding?
89:6  Have you not seen how your Lord dealt with the people of ‘Ad?
89:7  people of Iram, possessor of the lofty pillars,
89:8  the like of which was never made in the lands
89:9  and people of Samood who hewed the stone in the valley,
89:10  and Pharaoh master of the pegs,
89:11  they who transgressed in the lands,
89:12  and they caused a great deal of mischief therein.
89:13  Therefore your Lord poured on them scourge of punishment.
89:14  Truly your Lord most certainly is at the place of ambush.
89:15  But as for the human being if his Lord tried him and honored him with grace and blessed him, then he will say, “My Lord has honored me.”
89:16  But if He tried him and constricted on him his sustenance then he will say, “My Lord has dishonored me.”
89:17  Not at all! Nay you do not honour the orphan with grace.
89:18  Nor do you encourage one another about the feeding of the needy one.
89:19  And you eat the inheritance with a voracious eating.
89:20  And you love the wealth with a copious love.
89:21  Not at all! When the earth is crushed a total crushing.
89:22  And your Lord comes and the angels line by line.
89:23  And on that day the hell will be brought. That day the human being will seek to remember but where will he find remembrance?
89:24  He will say, “If only I had sent forth [good deeds] for [this] life of mine.”
89:25  But for that day no one will punish as much as His punishment.
89:26  And no one will bind a binding like His binding.
89:27  O you the soul most tranquil!
89:28  “Return to your Lord pleased and pleased with
89:29  and enter among My servants
89:30  and enter My garden.”