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88:1  Has the news of the overwhelming event come to you?
88:2  Some faces that day will be cast down in humiliation,
88:3  belabored and fatigued.
88:4  They will burn in a fire incandescent.
88:5  They will be given to drink from a spring most scalding.
88:6  There will be no food for them except that of a thorny tree,
88:7  it neither nourishes nor does it avail from hunger.
88:8  Some [other] faces on that day will be blissful,
88:9  pleased with their endeavors,
88:10  in a garden most high.
88:11  You will not hear therein any jargons.
88:12  There are fast flowing springs.
88:13  Therein are beds raised high,
88:14  and goblets well deployed,
88:15  and cushions well aligned,
88:16  and carpets well spread.
88:17  Do they not look at the camel, how it was created?
88:18  And unto the firmament how it was raised?
88:19  And unto the mountains how they were erected?
88:20  And unto the earth how it was spread out?
88:21  Therefore remind, for you are but one who reminds.
88:22  You are not put in charge over them,
88:23  but as for such a one who turns away and disbelieves,
88:24  then Allah will punish him the greatest punishment.
88:25  Truly their return is unto Us.
88:26  Then truly their reckoning is upon Us.