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al-Fajr (The Dawn, Daybreak)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah The Dawn, Daybreak(al-Fajr)
89:1 Hereby God swears by the dawn,
89:2 and by ten [important] nights [in Islam ( the first ten nights of Zul- Hadj or the last ten nights of Ramadan).]
89:3 and by even and the odd [it may refer to the exactness of mathematics or to the he contrast]
89:4 and by the night when it turns into the day.
89:5 Indeed in all these oaths there are subjects of thought for the thinkers.
89:6 Do you know how your Lord dealt with the nation of Ad [an ancient tribe who refused to submit themselves to the will of God and were accordingly dealt with].
89:7 The residents of the city of Eram…
89:8 … who were living in such beautiful houses that nobody had built anything like it before.
89:9 And the nation of Thamud whose people had built their houses inside the rocky mountain.
89:10 And the mighty Pharaoh who…
89:11 …. was such a tyrant in governing his land.
89:12 They were merciless tyrants.
89:13 So your Lord punished them in earth with a portion of punishment which they will receive in the Hell.
89:14 Your Lord did that in order to remind mankind that He is watching.
89:15 When man is being tried in wealth [to see how he behaves], he considers it as a God’s reward.
89:16 When man is being tried in poverty [to see how he handles the situation], he considers it as a God’s punishment!
89:17 How awful of you people who…
89:18 … treat the orphan badly,…
89:19 … do not care about the hungry one, cheat each other from the inheritance and…
89:20 … love the wealth exceedingly.
89:21 Be mindful of a day that earth explodes with a quake and you will meet your Lord…
89:22 … being accompanied by the angles.
89:23 You will then be mindful when you see the Hell being shown to you.
89:24 Then man will be sorry that he has not sent any good deed as a preparation for his life after death.
89:25 God’s punishment (passed to the guilty one) on that day, is not comparable with any punishment that man has ever suffered with.
89:26 Man is never taken to account as he will be taken to account by God on that day.
89:27 The righteous one, on the contrary, will be offered a heavenly peace.
89:28 He will be said: “Come back to your Lord; He is pleased with you and you will be pleased with Him.”
89:29 You deserve to be knighted as My servant;…
89:30 … enter into the Heaven and enjoy it.


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