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al-Ghashiyah (The Overwhelming, The Overwhelming Calamity, The Pall)
as rendered by Bijan Moeinian
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Bijan Moeinian rendition of Surah The Overwhelming, The Overwhelming Calamity, The Pall(al-Ghashiyah)
88:1 Have you ever heard about an awesome event which man is going to witness?
88:2 In that day, some faces will be downward of shame.
88:3 Looking exhausted,
88:4 As they enter into the Hell Fire.
88:5 Imagine what a torture it is to drink from boiling water of Hell.
88:6 And have nothing to eat but a bitter fruit full of thorns.
88:7 Which after all will not reduce the hunger as it is not nutritious.
88:8 On the other hand, on that day there will be faces full of joy.
88:9 These are those who are happy with their accomplishment.
88:10 And will be led to the gardens of Paradise.
88:11 Where they will hear no unpleasant words.
88:12 And enjoy the springs of Paradise.
88:13 While relaxing on high thrones.
88:14 They will drink delightful drinks offered to them in the cups.
88:15 Relaxed in cushions put next to each other.
88:16 And the silk carpet spread for them in the gardens.
88:17 Don’t you contemplate on God’s creations around you such as the camel [that your livelihood in the desert depends upon]?
88:18 And the (majestic) sky above you?
88:19 And the firm mountains reaching the sky?
88:20 And the earth itself which is made spread for you?
88:21 O’ Mohammad, make them open their eyes as your only job is to be a reminder.
88:22 Mohammad, bear in mind that you are not in charge of them [and your job is only to remind them.]
88:23 Let them know that whoever turns away from your admonitions,
88:24 God will impose a terrible punishment upon them.
88:25 As they will eventually have to return back and meet their Lord.
88:26 On that day, they have to answer to what they have been doing.


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