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82:1  When the heaven shall be cleft
82:2  And when the stars shall be scattered
82:3  And when the seas are flowed out
82:4  And when the graves are ransacked
82:5  Each soul shall know that which it sent afore and that which it left behind
82:6  O man! what hath beguiled thee concerning thy Lord, the Bountiful
82:7  Who created thee, then moulded thee, then proportioned thee
82:8  In whatsoever form He listed He constructed thee
82:9  By no means! Aye, ye belie the the Requital
82:10  Verify there are for you guardians
82:11  Honourablel scribes
82:12  They know whatsoever ye do
82:13  Verily the pious shall be in Delight
82:14  And verily the ungodly shall be in a Scorch
82:15  Roasted they shall be therein on the Day of Requital
82:16  And thence they shall not be allowed to be absent
82:17  And what shall make thee know whatsoever the Day of Requital is
82:18  Again, what shall make thee know whatsoever the Day of Requital is
82:19  It is a Day whereon no soul shall own aught of power for any soul; and the command on that Day will be Allah's