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77:1  By those disclosed one after another;
77:2  That blow about violently;
77:3  Who bring to life and cause to rise;
77:4  Who choose and separate;
77:5  And those who disclose the reminder (the forces that manifest in consciousness; the Exalted Assembly [Mala-i Ala]. The word ‘ilqa’ or ‘liqa’ [disclosure] is like ‘nafh’ [breath] in that it goes outward from within; it is an explicit projection experienced in the consciousness. In the sequence: the Hidden [Reflection of Attributes], the Secret [Reflection of Names], the Spirit [Fuad: Reflectors of the Names], the Heart [Consciousness] and the Self [Identity – Individual consciousness]. It looks to the reflections from the spirit to the heart. ‘Vicegerent’ [Khalifa] – ‘Man’ is the totality of all of these states or one who incorporates all of these states is called a true ‘Man’).
77:6  To excuse (pardon misdeeds) or to warn.
77:7  What you are promised will definitely be fulfilled!
77:8  When the stars are extinguished,
77:9  And the sky is split open,
77:10  And the mountains are blown away,
77:11  And the Rasuls (not the Nabis) take their new positions.
77:12  For which day were they postponed?
77:13  For the time of sorting!
77:14  And do you know what the time of sorting is?
77:15  Woe to those who denied (life after death) at that time!
77:16  Did We not destroy the former people?
77:17  Then We will make the later ones follow them (they too will be destroyed).
77:18  Thus do We deal with the guilty!
77:19  Woe to the deniers at that time!
77:20  Did We not create you from a simple water?
77:21  We formed it in a safe place (the womb),
77:22  For a known time!
77:23  Thus We determined it! And excellent determiners We are!
77:24  Woe to the deniers at that time!
77:25  Did We not make the earth a place of gathering?
77:26  For the living and the dead!
77:27  We formed therein elevated (grand, majestic) mountains that are firm and made you drink sweet water.
77:28  Woe to the deniers at that time!
77:29  Proceed to that which you denied!
77:30  Proceed to the shadow of the trident (let your faith in the trinity [God-the Son and the Holy Spirit] save you now)!
77:31  It will neither shade you (from the Fire) nor save you from the blazing flame (different sensations of burning)!
77:32  Indeed, it shoots sparks as big as palaces!
77:33  Sparks like giant golden ropes!
77:34  Woe to the deniers at that time!
77:35  This is the day they shall not speak.
77:36  Nor will they be given permission to present excuses.
77:37  Woe to the deniers at that time!
77:38  This is the time of sorting! We have brought you and the former ones together.
77:39  So, if you have a trick, try your trick against Me now!
77:40  Woe to the deniers at that time!
77:41  Indeed, the protected ones will be among shades and springs.
77:42  With every fruit they desire.
77:43  “Eat and drink with joy as the result of your deeds!”
77:44  Thus We respite the doers of good (in whose observation there is none but the Truth).
77:45  Woe to the deniers at that time!
77:46  “Eat and enjoy yourself for a little (in this world)... Indeed, you are guilty!”
77:47  Woe to the deniers at that time!
77:48  And when they are told, “Bow,” they do not bow!
77:49  Woe to the deniers at that time!
77:50  Then in what word will they believe after (this big news given by the Quran)?