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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira

al-Mursalat (The Emissaries, Winds Sent Forth)
as rendered by Muhammad Ahmed - Samira
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Muhammad Ahmed - Samira rendition of Surah The Emissaries, Winds Sent Forth(al-Mursalat)
77:1 And/by the messengers/sent/angles (F) , successively/sand dunes/elevated points .
77:2 So the stormy/turbulent winds , violently/turbulently.
77:3 And/by the spreading/extending/winds (for clouds) , spreading out/extending.
77:4 So the separated clouds/separators of right and wrong , separating.
77:5 So the throwing/throwing away a reminder/remembrance (delivering messages).
77:6 An excuse/fault or sins or (a) warning/notice.
77:7 That truly what you are being promised (is) happening (E) .
77:8 So when/if the stars/planets were eliminated/effaced .
77:9 And when/if the sky/space opened/split open .
77:10 And when/if the mountains were uprooted and dispersed/exploded .
77:11 And when/if the messengers were appointed a time.
77:12 To which day/time it was delayed.
77:13 To the Judgment Day/Separation Day/Resurrection Day .
77:14 And what makes you know what the Judgment Day/Separation Day/Resurrection Day (is)?
77:15 Calamity/scandal (on) that day to the liars/deniers/falsifiers .
77:16 Did We not destroy the first/beginners?
77:17 Then We make them followed (by) the lasts/others .
77:18 As/like that We make/do with the criminals/sinners.
77:19 Calamity/scandal (on) that day to the liars/deniers/falsifiers.
77:20 Did We not create you from despised/humiliated (discarded) water?
77:21 So We made/put it in a highly positioned/established settlement/affixation .
77:22 To a known predestiny/estimation .
77:23 So We evaluated and measured precisely, so blessed/praised (are) the capable/able .
77:24 Calamity/scandal (on) that day to the liars/deniers/falsifiers.
77:25 Did We not make the earth/Planet Earth encompassing/containing internally and externally ?
77:26 Alive and deads.
77:27 And We made/put in it anchors/mountains high/towering , and We gave you drink (from) very sweet/fresh water.
77:28 Calamity/scandal (on) that day to the liars/deniers/falsifiers.
77:29 Leave/go/set out to what you were with it lying/denying/falsifying.
77:30 Leave/go/set out to shade of three branches/three off shoots .
77:31 Not shading and nor enriches/suffices (protects) from the flame of a smokeless fire.
77:32 That it truly throws with sparks as (big) as the castle/palace .
77:33 As though it (is) camels yellow .
77:34 Calamity/scandal (on) that day to the liars/deniers/falsifiers.
77:35 That (is) a day/time they do not speak.
77:36 And nor (it) be permitted/allowed for them so (that) they apologize/excuse themselves .
77:37 Calamity/scandal (on) that day to the liars/deniers/falsifiers.
77:38 That (is) the Judgment Day/Separation Day/Resurrection Day We gathered/collected you and the first/beginners.
77:39 So if (there) was for you (a) plot/conspiracy , so plot/conspire against Me .
77:40 Calamity/scandal (on) that day to the liars/deniers/falsifiers.
77:41 That truly the fearing and obeying (are) in shades and water springs/wells.
77:42 And fruits from what they desire/crave .
77:43 Eat and drink pleasurable/wholesome because (of) what you were making/doing .
77:44 That truly like that We reimburse the good doers.
77:45 Calamity/scandal (on) that day to the liars/deniers/falsifiers.
77:46 Eat and enjoy little that you truly are criminals/sinners.
77:47 Calamity/scandal (on) that day to the liars/deniers/falsifiers.
77:48 And when/if (it) was said to them: "Bow ." They do not bow .
77:49 Calamity/scandal (on) that day to the liars/deniers/falsifiers.
77:50 So with which information/speech after it (do) they believe (in it)?


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