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67:1  Exalted is He in whose hand is the kingdom and He is able to do anything.
67:2  The One who created death and life to test you as to who does the best deeds, and He is the mighty and forgiving.
67:3  The One who created seven heavens in layers; you don´t see any neglect in the creation of Allah. Look again, do you see any gaps?
67:4  Then look yet another time, your gaze will return to you weak and exhausted.
67:5  And We have adorned the heaven of this world with lights and made them a repellent for the devils and promised them the punishment of the fire.
67:6  And for those who reject their Lord is the punishment of hell, a bad destination.
67:7  When they are thrown in it they hear it gulping and bubble up.
67:8  It almost bursts with anger, whenever a group is thrown into it, its guards ask them: did not a warner reach you?
67:9  They will say: sure, a warner reached us, but we denied and said: Allah has not revealed anything, you are just in a great delusion.
67:10  And they will say: if we listened or pondered, we would not be inmates of the fire.
67:11  So they acknowledge their sins, so away with the inmates of the fire.
67:12  For those who fear their Lord in secret is forgiveness and a great reward.
67:13  So conceal your speech or disclose it, He knows what is kept inside.
67:14  Does not He who created know? And He is the kind and informed.
67:15  He is who made the earth stretch out for you, so walk on its back and eat of His provision, and towards Him is the resurrection.
67:16  Are you safe that He who is in the heaven will not make the earth swallow you up and it will quake?
67:17  Or are you safe that He who is in the heaven will not sent a storm against you, then you will know what My warning means?
67:18  And those before them denied, then how was My rebuttal!
67:19  Don´t they look at the birds above them extending and retracting their wings? None but the Owner of Mercy holds them up, for He sees everything.
67:20  Or who will be a force to help you besides the Owner of Mercy? Those who reject (the truth) deceive themselves.
67:21  Or who will provide for you if He withholds His provision? But they persist in insolence and resentment.
67:22  Is he who walks with his face stuck to the ground better guided or who walks upright on a straight path?
67:23  Say: He is who brought you into existence and gave you hearing and eyesight and hearts, little thanks you give.
67:24  Say: He is who spread you out on earth, and to Him will you be gathered.
67:25  And they say: when will this promise happen if you are truthful?
67:26  Say: the knowledge is with Allah, and I am only a clear warner.
67:27  Then when they see it close by, the faces of those who reject (the truth) will be gloomy and they are told: this is what you asked for.
67:28  Say: have you considered if Allah destroyed me and those with me, or has mercy on us, who will protect those who reject (the truth) from a painful punishment?
67:29  Say: He is the Owner of Mercy, we believe in Him and rely on Him, then you will soon know who is in clear error.
67:30  Say: have you considered if your water would turn brackish, who will bring you flowing water?