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67:1  The Blessed One has authority, complete control, and power over all things.
67:2  He created death and life to test you – who among you is best in good works. He is the Almighty, the Forgiver;
67:3  He created the Seven Heavens, layer upon layer. You will not see the slightest defect in the creation of the Most Kind. Look at it again; do you see anything wrong?
67:4  Then look once more; your sight will come back weary and fatigued.
67:5  We decorated the lowest sky with stars, and made them projectiles hurled at the devils. We have prepared the punishment of Blazing Hell for them
67:6  The disbelievers of the Lord will have the punishment of Hell, a miserable home!
67:7  When they are thrown into it, they will hear roaring as Hell boils bubbling noisily,
67:8  about to explode with rage. Every group thrown into it will be asked by its guards: “Didn’t any warner come to you?”
67:9  They will say, “Yes, a warner came to us, but we denied and told them, ‘Allah hasn’t revealed anything, you are grossly misguided’.”
67:10  They will regretfully reply, “If only we had listened or understood the Message, we wouldn’t be among the companions of Blazing Hell.”
67:11  So they will confess their sins; away with the companions of Blazing Hell.
67:12  The people who feared their Lord without seeing Him will be forgiven, and have a great reward
67:13  Whether you hide your words or make them public, He is the Knower of what is in your innermost thoughts.
67:14  Does He not know who He created? He is the Subtle, the Aware.
67:15  He made the Earth accessible for you, so you could travel through its vast expanses, and eat from His provision, and before Him you will be gathered, alive.
67:16  Do you feel safe from the One in the Heaven that He wouldn’t command the Earth to swallow you up when it shakes violently?
67:17  Or do you feel safe from the One in the Heaven that He wouldn’t send a sandstorm to destroy you? Then you will soon know the seriousness of My Warning!
67:18  Those before them also denied, so how terrible My Condemnation
67:19  Have they not seen the birds flying over their heads arranged in rows, flapping their wings in harmony? It is the Most Kind Who holds them there; indeed He sees all things.
67:20  Which forces beside the Most Kind can possibly help you? The disbelievers are only deceived.
67:21  Who can give you provision if He withholds His provision? Unfortunately, they persist in their arrogance and hostility.
67:22  Who is more guided: the one who walks grovelling, looking down and falls flat on his face, or the one who walks upright on a straight path?
67:23  Say: “He created you and made hearing, sight and intellect for you; how little you thank!”
67:24  Say: “He dispersed you throughout the Earth, and you will be gathered before him.
67:25  They ask, “When will this promise be fulfilled, if you are telling the truth?”
67:26  Say: “Only Allah knows it’s timing, and I am a clear warner.
67:27  When they see Hell come close, the disbelievers’ faces will be grief-stricken, and it will be said, “This is what you used to ask for.”
67:28  Say: “Consider this – whether Allah destroys me and those with me or He treats us kindly, the question is: so who will save the disbelievers from a painful punishment?
67:29  Say: “He is the Most Kind; We believe in Him and we put trust in Him, and soon you will know who is misguided.”
67:30  Say: “Have you considered: if your underground water level went low, who could bring back running water for you?