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67:1  Supreme is He in whose hand is dominion (the dimension of acts, which He administers as He wills at every instance)! He is Qadir over all things.
67:2  It is HU who created life and death to reveal which of you is best in deed. He is the Aziz, the Ghafur.
67:3  It is HU who created the heavens as seven dimensions. You cannot see any inconsistency in the creation of the Rahman. So, turn your gaze and have a look! Can you see any conflict or discrepancy?
67:4  Then turn your gaze twice again and have a look! Your vision will return to you fatigued (unable to find what it was looking for) and humbled!
67:5  Indeed, We have adorned the nearest heaven (of earth – the thought processes) with illuminants (the knowledge of the reality). We made them to stone and fend off the devils (satanic ideas). And We have prepared for them the suffering of the blazing Fire.
67:6  There is the suffering of Hell for those who deny their Rabb who comprises their essence! What a wretched place of return!
67:7  When they are cast into it, they will hear it rumble as it boils up and gushes!
67:8  It almost bursts from rage. Every time a group is cast into it, its keepers will ask them, “Did no warner come to you?”
67:9  And they (the people of Hell) will say, “Yes, indeed, a warner did come to us, but we denied him in disbelief! We told them, ‘Allah did not reveal anything, and you are in gross error.’”
67:10  They will say, “If only we had listened to them and used our reason, we would not be among the people of Hell now!”
67:11  Thus they will confess their mistakes. Let the people of the blazing Fire experience isolation!
67:12  As for those who are in awe of their Rabb as their unknown, there is forgiveness for them and a great reward.
67:13  Conceal your thoughts or reveal them! Indeed, He is Aleem of what is in the hearts (consciousness) as the absolute essence therein.
67:14  Will He not know what He created! He is the Latif, the Habir.
67:15  He made the earth (body) obedient (to your consciousness)! So, walk upon its slopes and eat of its provisions. To Him will be your resurrection!
67:16  Are you confident that that which is in the heaven will not cause you to be swallowed up by the earth, when suddenly it begins to shake!
67:17  Or are you confident that that which is in the heaven will not send upon you a cyclone? You will know how true My warning is!
67:18  Indeed, those before them also denied! And how was My recompense for their denial!
67:19  Do they not see the birds above them spreading their wings and ascending, then folding them in and descending! They do this with the forces of the Rahman. Indeed, He, as the essence of the all things, is the Basir.
67:20  Or do you have an army to help you against the Rahman? Those who deny the knowledge of the reality are in nothing but delusion!
67:21  If He was to cut your provision off, who will nourish you? No, they persist in their escapism, in rage and hatred!
67:22  Is one who blindly crawls on his face better guided or the one who walks upright upon the straight path?
67:23  Say, “It is HU who formed you and gave you the ability to perceive and comprehend (insight) and hearts (heart neurons that reflect the meanings of the Names to the brain). How little you thank (evaluate)!”
67:24  Say, “It is HU who created you on the earth. To Him you will be gathered!”
67:25  They say, “If you are truthful, when will your warning be fulfilled?”
67:26  Say, “Its knowledge is with Allah. I am only a clear warner!”
67:27  When they see it (death) approaching, the faces of those who deny the knowledge of the reality will darken. And it will said, “This is that which you impatiently wanted to experience!”
67:28  Say, “Think! If Allah were to destroy me and those with me or give grace to us, who can save the deniers of the reality from the severe suffering?”
67:29  Say, “He is the Rahman; we believe He comprises our essence and we have placed our trust in Him. Soon you will know who is in clear error!”
67:30  Say, “Think! If your water was to recede, who could bring you flowing water (knowledge)?