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67:1  Blessed became That One in Whose Hand is the dominion, and He is All-Capable over every thing
67:2  That One Who created the death and the life, so that He may test you which one of you remained better in performance. And He is the All-Mighty, the Oft-Forgiving
67:3  That One Who created seven (or many) heavens (having) fields one beyond another. You do not see in the creation of Ar-Rahman any gap or break. So direct (your) vision (send this as beyond as possible). Do you see any cracks
67:4  Afterwards, direct the vision twice, the watching-light would rebound towards you unsuccessful (to penetrate the universe) and it (is) returned and checked
67:5  And surely, indeed We have adorned the nearest heaven with shining objects, and We have made them as stringent chasers against the devils. And We have prepared for them punishment of the blazing fire
67:6  And for those who have disbelieved in their Nourisher-Sustainer is the torment of Hell, and evil (it is as) a place of final return
67:7  When they are cast therein, they heard it roaring wildly and it comes in turmoil
67:8  It becomes (as if) it will burst up in rage. Every time a group is cast therein, its keeper put up a question unto them: “Did n't a warner come to you?”
67:9  They said: “Yes! Warner definitely came to us but we belied, and we said — 'Allah has not sent down any thing; you are not but in very great error.' ”
67:10  And they said: “Had we been listening or using intellect, we would not have been among the companions of the blazing Fire.”
67:11  So they confessed their sin. So (there is nothing except) despair and remoteness (from mercy) for the companions of the blazing Fire
67:12  Verily, those who are conscious of their Nourisher-Sustainer unseen — for them is forgiveness and a great reward
67:13  And whether you keep your talk secret or you make it loud — truly, He is All-Knower about the state of the chests
67:14  Does He not know one He has created ? And He is the Keenest Observer, the Most Well-Informed
67:15  He it is Who has made the earth even and smooth for you, so walk in its tracks and eat out of His provision; and to Him would be the Gathering of Resurrection
67:16  Have you attained security (against) That Who is in the heaven that He may cause the earth sink with you and at that time it may shake (being in earthquake)
67:17  Or have you attained security (against) That Who is in the heaven that He may direct against you a violent storm? Then very soon you will know how (terrible proved) My Warning
67:18  And surely, indeed, belied those who passed before these (people). Then how (terrible) was My rejection (for them)
67:19  Do they then not see the birds above them. They are those (who move) in rows (with spread out wings) and they (also) fold (their wings partially). Does not uphold them (any one) except Ar-Rahman. Surely, He is All-Seer of everything
67:20  So who is this: that one (that) he (becomes) an army unto you (and) he helps you, besides Ar-Rahman? The disbelievers are not but in delusion
67:21  So who is this: that one who will give you provision if He (Allah) withheld His provision? Nay! They continued obstinately in rebellion and aversion
67:22  So then that one who is grovelling on his face is better guided or he who walks upright on a Permanent Path
67:23  Say: “He it is Who has brought you into being, and bestowed unto you hearing, and the eyes and the hearts. Very little (it is) which you pay thanks.”
67:24  Say: “He it is Who multiplied you in the earth, and to Him shall you be gathered.”
67:25  And they say: “When (will get implemented) this promise (about Resurrection) — if you are those who speak the truth?”
67:26  Say: “Certainly what (is a fact is that) the knowledge (about this Event is) with Allah and surely what (is a fact is that) I (am only) a plain warner.”
67:27  So when they saw it approaching (on the Day of Judgment), went in extreme terror (and turmoil) the faces of those who disbelieved. And it was said (to them): “This is the Event you have been demanding of it.”
67:28  Say: “Have you thought over if Allah makes me dead and whosoever is with me, or He bestowed mercy on us — then who will rescue the disbelievers from the painful torment?”
67:29  Say: “He is Ar-Rahman, we have Believed in Him, and in Him we have put (our) trust. So, soon you will know who is he (that is) in manifest error.”
67:30  Say: “Have you (ever) thought over if your water in the early morning got sunk and lowered, then who will come to you with water, flowing (in the form of rivers, springs, wells or water-falls)?”