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67:1  Blessed who with His hand (is) the ownership/kingdom , and He is on every thing capable/able
67:2  Who created the death/lifelessness and the life to test you which of you (is) better (in) deeds, and He is the glorious/mighty , the forgiving
67:3  Who created seven skies/space(s) (in) stages/layers , you do not see in the merciful's creation from discrepancy/inconsistency , so return the eyesight do you see from splits/cracks/cleaves
67:4  Then return the eyesight two times/repetitions , the eyesight returns to you diminished/humiliated and it is grieving/uncovered
67:5  And We had decorated/beautified, the sky/space (of) the present world with lights/stars , and We made it meteorites/shooting stars for the devils, and We prepared/made ready for them the/blazing/inflamed (inferno) torture
67:6  And for those who disbelieved with (in) their Lord, Hell's torture, and how bad (is) the end/destination
67:7  When they were thrown in it, they heard for it loud inhalation/loud noise and it, it boils with anger
67:8  It is about to/almost distinguish/separate from the anger/rage, when ever (a) group/band/crowd were thrown in it, its safe-keepers asked them: "Did not a warner/giver of notice come to you?"
67:9  They said: "Yes/certainly, a warner/giver of notice had come to us, so we lied/denied/falsified, and we said: 'God did not descend from a thing, that truly you are except in big/great misguidance.'"
67:10  And they said: "If we were hearing/listening or reasoning/comprehending we would not have been in (between) the blazing's/inflamed's (inferno's) owners/company/friends."
67:11  So they confessed/acknowledged with their crime, so distance/remoteness , to the blazing's/inflamed's (inferno's) owners/company/friends
67:12  That truly those who fear their Lord with the unseen/supernatural , for them (is) a forgiveness and a large/great reward
67:13  And keep your opinion and belief/statement secret, or you publicize/declare with it, that He truly is knowledgeable with of the chests (innermosts)
67:14  Does he not know whom He created? And He is the most kind/gracious , the expert/ experienced
67:15  He is who made/put for you the earth/Planet Earth manipulated/eased , so walk in its directions/elevations , and eat from His provision, and to him (is) the revival/resurrection
67:16  Did you become safe/secure (trust) whom (are) in the sky/space that (E) He sinks down with you the earth/Planet Earth, so then it agitates/sways
67:17  Or did you become safe/secure (trust) whom (are) in the sky/space that (E) He sends on you a violent wind carrying pebbles and hail/hail laden clouds? So you will know how was My warning/notice
67:18  And those from before them had (E) lied/denied/falsified, so how was My severity (anger)
67:19  Do they not see to the birds above them expanded and motionless wings in a row, and they stretch and shrink/speed ? None holds/grasps them except the merciful, that He truly is with every thing seeing/understanding
67:20  Or who (is) that who he is soldiers/warriors for you (and who are your allies that) give you victory/aid from other than the merciful? That truly the disbelievers (are) except in deceit/temptation
67:21  Or who (is) that who provides for you if He held (back)/seized His provision? But they persisted, excessed and insisted in arrogance/disobedience and hastening with aversion
67:22  Is who walks up-side-down/facing down on his face/front more guided? Or who walks straight/upright on a straight/direct road/way
67:23  Say: "He is who created/originated you , and made for you the hearing/listening , and the eyesights/knowledge, and the hearts , little (is) what you thank/be grateful."
67:24  Say: "He is who created/seeded you in the earth/Planet Earth and to Him you are being gathered."
67:25  And they say: "When/at what time (is) that the promise if you were truthful?"
67:26  Say: "But/truly the knowledge (is) at God, and but/truly I am a clear/evident warner/giver of notice."
67:27  So when they saw it in close proximity/close , those who disbelieved's faces/fronts became bad/evil/harmful, and (it) was said: "That (is) what you were with it calling (hastening)."
67:28  Say: "Did you see if God punished/destroyed me and who (is) with me? Or had mercy upon us? So who protects/defends the disbelievers from a painful torture?"
67:29  Say: "He is the merciful, we believed with (in) Him and on Him we relied/depended , so you will know who He is in clear/evident misguidance."
67:30  Say: "Did you see/understand if your water became/became in the morning deeply sunk/bottomed ? So who comes/brings to you with water flowing easily and plentifully?"