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67:1  Extolled is He for His glorious attributes, and extolled is He whose Name is blessed, for it is He Who gives and He Who takes, and in whose hands lies the sovereignty of the universe and He is Qadirun (Omnipotent) over all things
67:2  It is He Who created death and life from nothingness in order to try you and to determine which of you performs the better deed, and whether his deeds agree with his words and whether his works are imprinted with wisdom and piety; He is AL-Aziz (Almighty) and AL-Ghafur (Forgiving
67:3  It is He Who created seven heavens one above another; no disproportion nor deformity can you see in the creation carried into effect by AL-Rahman, and so direct your vision toward it again and see if you can find a defect or a flaw
67:4  Then again direct your intellectual eye and fix your attention on it, and you will find that vision has deposed your intellect.*
67:5  And We decorated the lowermost heaven with lamps (or heavenly bodies), some of them adapted to be like weapons in pursuit of the evil ones for whom We have prepared torture in the blazes of Hell
67:6  As for those who denied their Creator, there awaits them the punishment in Hell. How evil, painful and disastrous is the end for which they are destined
67:7  When cast therein they hear it breathing vengeance with fierceness and rage
67:8  Almost boiling in resentment in the rage of distemper; as often as a fresh group is thrown within, its keepers ask them: "did you not receive Messenger who was a spectacle and a warning to you all?"
67:9  "Yes indeed", they will say, "we had received a man who was a spectacle and a warning to us all, but we declared everything stated to be untrue. We refused to admit that Allah had ever sent down any divinely inspired message, and we thought that in their counsel there remained evident falsehood"
67:10  And they add, "had we opened our hearts' ears or used our minds' eyes, we would never be among those destined to the blazes of Hell"
67:11  They will admit the truth of what is charged and so, away with the companions in sin, destined to the blazes of Hell
67:12  But those who entertain the profound reverence dutiful to Allah, their Creator, Whom they cannot apprehend by sight, shall merit forgiveness and a great reward
67:13  Whether you converse secretly and whisper the spoken words under your breath or you utter them loudly, He is well acquainted with all that is being said, and with all that you suggest secretly to the mind, and with all that the bosoms store of thoughts and feelings and all that they forge
67:14  Should He not know when it is He Who brought all into being and carried the animate and the inanimate into effect? He is AL-Latif (the Gracious Who gives His servants an understanding heart); He is AL-Khabir (the Omniscient)
67:15  It is He Who made the earth for you tractable and can be easily managed, and so walk along its tracks and travel through its tracts and resort to the purposes of trade, keeping Allah in mind to help you attain a facile and ready course. And support your life from the sustenance He provided, then back to Him is the return on the Day of Resurrection
67:16  Do you-people-feel that secure, and in your minds you are sure, that He Who is in His heaven's realm will not stir the earth to convulse and open up, and in its depths you utterly disappear, and We do away with you
67:17  Or do you feel that secure, and in your minds you are sure, that He Who is in His heaven's realm will not drive against you a storm, violent, mad, powerful all round and strong, and only then will it come into your heads that Allah's warning is not a jest, but a pledge of what is to come
67:18  People before them O Muhammad, and those of the distant past, had refused to listen to Our warning, and how justly did I condemn them, and how dreadful was the condign punishment
67:19  Do they not see the birds above them soaring with extended wings, and at times darting with them folded in? No one can maintain them at that level in the atmosphere but AL-Rahman who made the terrestial air subservient to them. He is indeed Bassirun (Omnipresent), He. sees all that you do and all in all
67:20  Who is he who can defend you besides AL-Rahman, albeit he be ready in his most defensible array? Indeed the infidels' minds are befooled by self-conceit
67:21  And who is he who can provide you with what is requisite for your sustenance if He holds back His provisions. No one But they persist in obstinacy and inordinate self-esteem, and they counsel deaf and wilfully disobey Allah and reject reality
67:22  Does the one who walks stumbling and stooping with his head drooped and his face downwards, turning away from the path of righteousness, compare with the one who walks erect with his mind's eye on the straight path
67:23  Say to them O Muhammad : "It is He -Allah- Who brought you into being and gifted you with the power of hearing and seeing, faculties divine, and He endowed you with the seat of feeling, understanding and thought, and the seat of consciousness, intellect and volition". "Yet how little you render thanks in return for the benefits and favours?"
67:24  Say to them O Muhammad: "it is He -Allah- Who has spread you throughout the earth and varied your tongues and your colours".* " Then to Him you shall return and be thronged before Him"
67:25  They ask: "When will this promised event come to pass if you are declaring the truth?"
67:26  Say to them: "The acquaintance with this fact lies entirely in the hands of Allah and in His power; I am only a spectacle and a warning; I only give you timely notice of impending danger and I caution you against denying Allah"
67:27  Then when the Day of Judgment comes to be a matter of fact and they face it resolutely, their countenances shall speak a different language, the language of dismay and despair. Now is the encounter with Allah's punishment awaiting the wicked. They will be told: "This is what you defiantly asked for ! and what you were promised."
67:28  Say to them: "If Allah were to do away with me and with those who followed me, or were to confer on us mercy and bless us with relief", "Who can block the enacted punishment and deliver from it those who are given to disbelief"
67:29  Say to them: "He is AL-Rahman, we believed in Him and in Him we trust". "And soon will you know who has erred and evidently strayed from the path of righteousness"
67:30  Say to them: "What if your water suddenly sinks to an unreachable level and disappears"! "Who else can possibly supply you with streaming water, or will listen to you when you crave for assistance, or your prayer for help He hears?"