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93:1  "By the morning brightness,"
93:2  "and by the night when all is still,"
93:3  "your Lord has not forgotten you, nor is He displeased,"
93:4  and the time to come will be better than the past
93:5  "Soon your Lord will give to you, and you will be satisfied."
93:6  Did He not find you as an orphan and give you shelter
93:7  "Did He not find you lost, and guide you?"
93:8  "Did He not find you in need, and enrich you?"
93:9  "SO, as for the orphan, do not oppress him;"
93:10  "and the beggar, do not send him away (empty-handed);"
93:11  "and as for your Lord's beautful gifts, declare them (to others)."